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May one never know the color of the red rose within the dark night.

Hm, I never bothered with editing my profile on FictionPress, and I never realized it until one of my friends pointed it out to me. I guess I better type a few things about myself.

I am Chinese, currently living in the United States. I came over when I was twelve, and have about six years worth of experience with English. I never outgrew my obsession for Japan/ Anime. Japanese is technically my second language, for that I grew up with Anime (My first was Card Captor Sakura). It is very pleasing to master multiple languages, it really opens my eyes to different cultures and values that I had never experienced before.

Onto writing and reading. I read writing styles that resemble Anime and manga (thanks to E.T.Novem), or are related to Japanese materials. Of course, I would always sit down for a good old historical fiction, especially for England.

I write often, to practice English, mainly. As many native speakers fail to understand, foreigner speakers actually have difficulty when it comes to writing (Some assume that speaking deems more difficult for second/third/etc language speakers, but writing is also a major portion of the issue). I can start analyzing culture difference and language schemata, but that will drive people out of their minds.

As a firm Anime lover, I practice in the fiction/ supernatural/ adventure category mostly. I like a story that has a sense of progression, detailed (oh yes elaborated) delineation of scenery and imagery, plus of course, plot twists and--werewolves! Love them

So yes, as described above, that is also the way I approach writing. I am more than happy to read different people's works, even if it is not in the preferred category that I mentioned. Just PM me and give me instructions, I'll do my best to R/R. Happy writing/reading everyone.



New novel "Split Horizon" up and running. (I need to revise MM:Aftermath so I took it down, sorry if you were waiting on updates, but I hit a serious writer's block with it and I need to fix up its plot in parallel with MM:Downfall anyway.)


I did it @[email protected] Finished with 157k... time for intense editing... (I'm gonna die from it X_x) Oh I wonder who this is By the werewolves I am dying under the oppression of college... Anyway, I may do some digital arts for my characters (Yes I draw), so that's something to look forward to :3 One of my readers requested my photo, I guess it doesn't hurt to see what GluttonyFang (very ugly) looks like @[email protected] Tackling Part III at the moment \o/. Phew, that 9k words chapter sure exhausted me =-=. But meh... I guess Abstyx deserves it. Well, goodbye Abby, I'll miss you ;_; Working on the wrapping up Part II of "Memento Mori." Heh, now I look back, it's been a long journey @[email protected] Time to attack head on and dive into Part III development \o/ One of my readers helped me realize that I do not have an official Beta Reader. To be honest, I never knew what it was when I started writing. I figured it out after creating my own Beta Profile. So, I am open for anyone that wishes to lend me a hand in my writing :P Let me know via PM if you are interested, sounds like a lot of fun :P Phew, finished Part I of "Memento Mori." Gee, it sure was not easy @[email protected], but I did it \o/. Killing off characters that I worked so hard to develop feels really really really bad ;_;. Onward to Part II :o I'm currently revising the early Chapters of "Memento Mori," do not freak out when you go back and read something different or cannot find some of the words. You are not seeing things, I assure you :o
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