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My name is Britt, I'm 18, and I'm currently in the process of becoming a published author. My first book, Yesterday, takes place in the 1960s. It is a time travel mystery that deals with interracial relationships during a time in which they were still heavily frowned upon. Here is the summary:

A grandmother's funeral.
A set of diaries.
A voodoo spell.
A dark secret kept hidden for half a century.

Adrienne Royce accidentally transports herself to the year 1966. She meets a man who was involved with her grandmother for several years until something drove them apart.

Adrienne believes the racial barriers of the time drove them apart, only to realize something darker lurks beneath the surface of her grandmother's rocky relationship. Can she find out the truth that is buried beneath this web of lies?

Yesterday is still in the process of being edited. HOWEVER, I need to start building an ARC list. And I thought, what better place to look than a website that is dedicated to people who love to read and write?

1. A Goodreads AND/OR Amazon account to leave the review at.
2. An active email address (so I can email you the ARC copy once it's ready)
3. Quick reading skills! I'm not sure when Yesterday will be released, but once I have a date I will send you the ARC TWO OR THREE WEEKS in advance.

That's pretty much it. If you're interested, MESSAGE ME your name and email. I'll write them down and once we get closer to the ARC release, I'll double check with everyone to see if they're still up to leaving a review!

In the meantime, you can follow me at these accounts for more news and updates!
WATTPAD: Britt-Nichole
TWITTER: BrittNichole59
TUMBLR: britt-the-paperback-writer



Since Yesterday isn't yet published, I've only an ordinary Goodreads profile instead of an Author one. BUT I'm figuring out how to set up an Author profile and you can still friend me for news and updates :)

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"You can't kiss me!" I gasped as I pushed him away, "We're practically related!" He shrugged, "Not by blood," before he decided to continue mauling my face and somehow, have me return the gesture. Oh boy, I guess the whole 'step-sibling' thing is effectively ruined.
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My Songs reviews
So, I have recently started an interest in song writing. Each chapter will bring a new song by me! The first chapter is the first song I've ever wrote, so sorry if it's kinda bad, maybe I have talent for this and will get better. Rated K but if I find it necassary, I will lower or heighten the rating.
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OK so my teacher last year had us write Twisted Fairy Tales and I decided to upload mine. It's a version of Cinderella, the Grimm version. Some parts are a little gruesome, so if you are too immature or don't like blood, don't read this, or skip about 2 chapters. Rated T because of this. Told from a necklace's POV
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