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Hello! I'm Moonmist! Well, my actual penname has the number 18 on the end, but that doesn't matter. Moonmist is my name as a cat. Yeah, I'm the same author as on Fanfiction. I'm much more active there than here. And my profile has a whole lot more crud on it :P. I am the proud author of four stories, Crystal's Cavern (uploaded thanks to the request of PhoenixWormwood137), Strike's Side, Who I Am, and Conis Metoris. All but Strike's Side are complete, and I'm also working on the first chapters of another story, Amythyst's Adventure (why no, I do not like alliteration at all). That's are more in the tone of Crystal's Cavern and Strike's Side. Actually, Amythyst's Adventure is sort of connected to Strike's Side. I actually intended to put Amythyst's Adventure up here first, but things didn't work out as planned. Oh, and I'm also working on a longer version of Crystal's Cavern. Because I had to write it for English class as a short story and I really wanted to put in more background. But I couldn't. Because the stupid teacher (not really, she's a great teacher. Or she was. I have a different one now, that was last year) just had to put a stupid PAGE LIMIT on the story. Oh, also, a sequel of Crystal's Cavern should be coming out eventually. Why not just include it in the story? Because: page limit. I've also finished Who I Am, I ended up just making it a one-shot. Just over three and a half thousand words. It's pretty good, first time I've tried writing anything like it, but the plot refused to let me rest until I wrote it. So, yeah.

But anyways.

I'm very proud of Conis Metoris. You should read it *shameless self-advertising*. I have pictures of Felis and Jasmine up on deviantART, where my username is Choeunmee. Oh, and if you're from my English class, looking for my short story, that would be it. Down there. At the bottom (I'm being incredibly obvious and repeating myself now, so I'll stop). No, really, don't bother reading my profile, especially if you haven't read Harry Potter yet (I've got some spoilers).

Things you should know about me: I am a Christian, a female, and my age is somewhere in the double digits.

What else am I? Well, I like to consider myself as:





District Four (or Twelve, or One, depending on my mood)

What would I like to be? Actually, not much different, other than being Dauntless, rather than Amity.

(And in case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, those are:

Branches of the Cahill clan [39 Clues]

Houses of Hogwarts [Harry Potter]

Factions of the future [Divergent]

Clans of the warrior cats [Warriors]


Districts of destruction [Hunger Games]

Ooh. I like how that alliteration worked out :D)

What else do you need to know? Not much. I am incredibly random at times, incredibly serious at others. Most people that come in contact with me would describe me as 'shy', my friends would say that I talk a lot. Around them.

But the one word to describe me? (You can already guess, can't you? ...yeah, I thought so)

Bookworm. Serious bookworm.

Tell you what, my 'This I Believe' essay for English class says it best:


I believe in creativity, in words that stream out of you and reveal thoughts, emotions, stories.

Once I found an old writing journal in my closet. Each and every story represented me, a part of me that I wanted captured in words. But what fun is there in writing what truly happened? Dry non-fiction, describing places and people and things that have really existed. Some of these stories can be exciting.

Many are not.

Instead, I write fantasy, sci-fi, worlds full of fire and dragons and living magic and places that reveal your deepest fears.

There is power in writing exactly what you feel, in torturing your characters to eliminate darkness inside yourself. If you have created another you inside the story, all you are doing is hurting yourself. And there’s not always a happy ending.

I tend to be fairly happy and cheerful around other people, if a bit of a loner. I let out my feelings in my writing, creating cruel deaths for my characters. It happens to the best. After all, who could forget Sirius? Dobby? Dumbledore? And that’s just from Harry Potter.

Books can let you experience a whole new world. A cliché? Yes. But it’s true. I can zip through a novel in an hour—or savor it for longer. I can enter a world where the myths of ancient Greece and Egypt are real. I can enter a world where grasses and flowers can defeat dragons, where life-saving inventions are created from old umbrellas and ripped up sheets.

For a moment, I am part of these worlds. For a moment, they are real. And for a few precious seconds after finishing, I still believe in these worlds.

And then reality comes crashing down and destroys those dreams.

But for those few moments, it is worth it.

Oh, and yes, all the bits and pieces of story I've mentioned are actual books. 'fire and dragons', well, take your pick. Chronicles of Chrestomanci, How to Train Your Dragon, the list goes on and on (oh, and by the way? How to Train Your Dragon is also a book series. Go read it. I'll wait). But 'living magic'? I've only ever seen it in the Magic Thief series. And as for 'places that reveal your deepest fears', that would be the fear landscape in Divergent.

The 'myths of ancient Greece and Egypt' are real in Rick Riordan's Kane Chronicles (Egyptian), Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Greek), and Heroes of Olympus (Roman) series. In Rhianna's world, 'grasses and flowers can defeat dragons', at least they do in The Girl, The Dragon, and the Wild Magic. Violet's ingenuity with 'old umbrellas and ripped up sheets' happens in the Bad Beginning, first book of A Series of Unfortunate Events. And there's countless stories I haven't mentioned. In that essay, I fail to mention the H.I.V.E. series, where boys turn into bits and bytes, Artemis Fowl, where fairies exist (although they aren't exactly palm-sized winged pixies), and the Mysterious Benedict Society, where 'the missing aren't missing they're only departed' and 'all minds keep all thoughts, so like gold, closely guarded'. I have been introduced to the Maximum Ride series and Angel, who is under ten and can defeat black-belt karate masters without getting out of breath, and entered a world where time isn't a straight line, it's more of a ball of wibbly wobbly...timey wimey...stuff and some things can be bigger on the inside, I've seen murders and serial suicides in a world where the books aren't real but Sherlock Holmes himself most certainly is (those last two are Doctor Who and Sherlock, in case you haven't been keeping up with British television). I've read about (and seen!) a warped and twisted Wonderland, mental torture houses and Deathspeak of your true name (Alice, aired on Syfy in 2009, and Splintered, by A.G. Howards).

This is why I do not like history. Yes, there are riveting stories of escape and reformation. But they are real, and real never comes with a happy ending. There are always strings attached, and they cannot be severed. Every happy story is accompanied by one of unspeakable evil. Everyone has to die in the end, and entropy has us outnumbered.

But in fiction, wizards are there to combat it. In fiction, 39 Clues combine to create a serum with incredible effects. In fiction, a simple joke can be the greatest Secret of all time.

(In case you're wondering, Young Wizards, 39 Clues, and the Secret Series).

But anyways, I've taken up enough of your time. Go enjoy some actual stories.

But I really like how my profile's turned out. Guess I had some elegance left over from writing the second chapter of Conis Metoris. Maybe I'll manage not to clutter it up with 'copy and pastes' this time.



(And thus, the crazy fangirl from FFN returns)

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