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Can anyone help me find cover art for my stories? I would be eternally grateful for some fitting artwork, especially for Prisoner of War, Incomparable, or After the Dawn.

I am...what am I?

I am a person who has many, many ideas. I have so many worlds trapped in my head; I have to let them out somehow.

One thing about me is that I'm not a big fan of humans. I realize that I am one, but fiction is fiction for a reason. Human lifespans are so short. By the time they actually meet the love of their life, overcome all possible drama and reach a happily ever after, they've only got a few decades left to spend with their chosen mate. I much prefer to think of my characters as living for centuries in blissful happiness. This is the reason that most of my characters are either immortal, vampire, demon, or shifter. I take Happily Ever After literally.

I also like more on the edge or taboo themes. I believe that there are many kinds of love in this world and that sometimes, just because people say it's wrong, doesn't necessarily mean that it is.

Great news! My best friend, forgottenmuse08, has joined us here at fictionpress. Her profile can be found here: If you enjoy my work, you'll probably like hers as well. She is the person with whom I worked on the original story that Prisoner of War is based on. Her first story up now, Might Have Been, is also written about two of our shared characters.

A brief breakdown:

Demon: created by the Goddess Lucianna at the beginning of time. Demons are long-lived with a lifespan of approximately two-thousand years. They are gifted with heightened senses and occassionally have special talents, such as telepathy. They can be killed, but not easily; they can sustain a great deal more damage than a human without a fatality. Although they must eat normal food as humans do, they must drink blood from members of their own species to survive, though infrequently (anywhere from every few months to up to six months, depending on the strength of the blood). They are completely unaffected by sunlight; that was a complete myth until vampires evolved from them. They are born virtually human without the need for blood or heightened senses, although special talents have been known to present themselves at any time. The transition can occur any time between the ages of fourteen and twenty-two; generally, the more pureblood a demon is, the earlier they will transition. During the transition, a demon drinks blood for the first time and generally goes through puberty, although at a highly excellerated rate. It lasts only a few hours, but males have been known to grow over a foot taller. Transition is frequently followed by sexual intercourse; previous to the transition, demons are incapable of feeling sexual lust. When a demon is approximately five hundred, they are able to dematerialize, that is move from one place to the other with only a thought.

Immortal: an ordinary person who has just enough demon DNA in them to make them immortal but not enough so that they will transition and become a demon. Immortals generally have no special abilities or enhanced senses, though they do heal somewhat faster than the standard human. Immortals were created through the crossbreeding of demons and humans. When an immortal will crop up in a bloodline is entirely unpredictable. Two normal humans can have an immortal child; somewhere in one of their histories was a demon or immortal ancestor. Two normal humans can also have a demon child, as that can also randomly pop up. Those offspring are more likely to die at their transition, however, because they will not know to feed.

Vampire: immortal species that evolved from the crossbreeding of talented demons and humans. They have hightened senses and special abilities. They heal at an accelerated rate and those with healing abilities can heal themselves and others near instantaneously. They have no transition, but they do not begin to drink blood until their later teens. They also acquire the ability to dematerialize much sooner; around the age of twenty-five.

Shifter: long-lived species that can shift into a specific animal. There are many different types, from canine to feline to bird (there's a word for that, but I'm too lazy to google it). There is one race of shifter, known as the Shihftu, or "pure shifter", who can shift into any animal or any person. One-animal shifters are believed to have evolved from them. While shifters have something very similar to the draw felt by demons, Shihftu feel the Instinct, which is a more subtle but no less insistent pull towards there mate, though it presents itself initally as more of a bone-deep knowledge that this person is their mate.

My first story, The Vampire Prince, is set somewhere in the century 800 AD. I apologize for any discrepancies in representation of the time; my current research resources are limited. I welcome any advice on the matter. However, certain aspects of vampire culture were not intended to follow that of the time period, specifically attitudes towards women and relationships. Vampire society has always deviated from human society, although human's have somewhat caught up in modern times.

A quick overview of vampire abilities:

Innate abilities are broken into three categories: Mental, Physical, and Elemental.


Telepathy: the ability to read the thoughts of others at a distance as well as delve into their minds to examine their memories. As with all abilities, skill levels differ. More skilled vampires with this ability can go so far as to alter memories or communicate with someone over a great distance.

Telekinesis: the ability to move objects or even people with only the mind.

Coercion: the ability to control a person's physical movements or even bodily functions with only the mind. This ability is very similar to that of hypnotism, however, they differ in one important way: a person under the influence of coercion will still have all mental faculties and understand everything they are doing, although they are unable to stop it. A person under hypnosis is completely unaware of what they are doing or saying.

Hypnosis: the ability to control a person's thoughts in order to make them do something. Only the very skilled can use this ability to control bodily functions (such as stopping the heartbeat or inducing orgasm).


Heal: the ability to heal virtually any kind of wound. Though the reach of this ability is extensive, it takes someone of great skill to hone it properly. Even someone very skilled cannot heal everything.

Neutral: the ability to either heal or cause injury to a person. No matter how skilled, this ability cannot be used to heal major injuries or cause them (ie compound fractures, gaping wounds).

Harm: the ability to cause severe injury to a person. This ability can be used to break bones, rip open skin, or make organs explode at a mere thought. It is the most lethal ability that any vampire can possess.


Fire: the ability to control and create fire.

Water: the ability to control and create water.

Air: the ability to control and create air.

Earth: the ability to control all parts of the earth, such as soil, rocks, and plants.

Weather: the ability to control the weather. This is the weakest ability, as it can actually do very little as a means of defense or offense. However, it can protect vampires from the sun, to which they are very sensitive. Because vampires are perfectly safe under cloud cover, a vampire with this ability can summon up clouds whenever they wish to go out; it is through this ability that vampires are able to avoid a primarily nocturnal lifestyle. There are rumors that vampires who are especially talented in this ability can focus the effects of a storm onto one person or area and therefore use it as a defensive or offensive ability. These rumors have never been verified.

I have a lot of other things bouncing around in my head, so I apologize if my updating is sporadic. If you want me to update faster, give me some reviews! I heart reviews.

Overview of My Stories:

The Vampire Prince: Alyxzandyr Vampyr is the Prince of Vampires. Jaya is his Princess by arranged marriage. Nykola is the mate that his heart and soul craves. With a life devoted to his people, Alyxzandyr chooses a personal life of selfish happiness with Nykola, but at what price?

Illicit: Patrick "Trick" Jennings is undeniably attracted to his student, Clay Patterson. What he doesn't know is...Clay is equally attracted to him and Clay will do anything to get him naked. But once their clothes are off and more than skin has been bared, will the heat fizzle out or will it flare into something deeper than desire? Could such a thing even last between two people separated by a gulf of twenty years?

Love In Unexpected Places: Aaron Jennings is straight...except for Nathan Thoreax. In college, he is hopelessly attracted to the jock. Three years post college, Aaron gets a surprse when Nathan shows up at one of his parent/teacher conferences and asks him on a date. One year later, the two are in love and living together. They seem to have the happily ever after. Enter Price McCullough, the new principal. He's older, out, and attracted to Aaron. Though Aaron intially shuts him down, Nathan is intrigued by the possiblities of adding a little spice to their love lives. A few wicked nights lead to feelings that could bind the three of them together forever.

Love Like This: Jake and Owen are twins. Once, they were best friends. All that changed when Jake realized he didn't just love his brother...he was in love with him. Now as they approach eighteen and Jake sees his chance to finally get away from Owen, Owen will do whatever it takes to get his brother back. Yet when he at last learns the reason that Jake drew away from him, will he still want that or be repulsed by the brother he loves? Or, instead, will he realize something that has always been in his heart?

Instinct: Chase and Alex are identical twin brothers. Separated at birth and each raised by a different parent, neither knew the other existed until they were much older. When they later found each other, they sought to forge a brotherly love, but romantic love also caught them. Now, more than twenty years later, they seem to have it all. A nice home, a beautiful daughter, and each other. Enter first grade teacher Micah Reynolds and their lives get turned upside down. These two Shihftu realize that they've both found their mate in this handsome young immortal. Yet to claim him, they must keep their true selves hidden. When the truth of their relationship is revealed, will Micah be able to accept them for all that they are? Or will the taboo frighten him away?

Bond: A prequil/companion story to Instinct. Chase and Alex are identical twins, raised apart since they were babies. Chase, raised by their mother, has been made jaded and cynical thanks to her endless efforts to make him into the "perfect" son. Alex has come up idealistic and a little spoiled at the hand of his doting father. When Alex finally learns of Chase, he tracks him down, determined to know his twin. Chase, upon meeting Alex, turns his back on his mother and welcomes Alex into his home...and his heart. Though neither of them planned it, romance and desire bloom between them. Can either of them admit to what they feel?

Prisoner of War: Nikolay Krasnorada uses his position in the Russian army to hide his deviant desires. Everything begins to change the day he enters Kade Walsh's cell. The Brit refuses to give up, only serving to make Nikolay more determined to break him. He returns to his cell again and again, but is unable to break Kade's fierce spirit. As his prize ever eludes him, he will stop at nothing to gain Kade's submission. Yet when the odds are no longer in his favor, Kade is the one to hold all of the power. Will he mete out his vengeance as he swore to do? Or has something grown between them that makes them more than enemies?

Falling: Jace Brenner is an escort, jaded by life. He dislikes what he does but doesn't believe that anyone in the business can ever get out. Then Ransom Bostcastle buys his services for the duration of one month. What Jace doesn't know is that Ransom is a demon and Jace just so happens to be his mate. Ransom is determined to win Jace's love before the month is out and convince him to stay with him. But can the walls protecting Jace's heart fall in only a month?

Mate of Mine: Garret Sullvian, really just known as Sully, had a pretty good life, minus one crazy ex, before everything changed the night he was bitten by a werewolf. Six years later, he hates and fears the monster he's become and his only hope lies in tracking down and killing the werewolf who created him. Lora McKenna is a natural born wolf shifter. She knows that Sully is her Mate, but the trouble is making him see that when he's determined to believe that turning into a wolf makes a person evil. As she starts to show him that being a wolf can actually be quite a bit of fun, the person Sully's been looking for has decided that it's time to get him back. And this wolf is willing to do anything to do so - even kill both of them.

After the Dawn: When the Duke of St. Albans falls gravely ill, Winter Lytton, the heir, comes to London in an attempt to get to know his distant relatives. He never expected for them to welcome him into their home as a real part of their family. Nor did he anticipate the decidedly un-familial attraction towards his cousin, Genevieve. To complicate matters even more, he also feels a sizzling desire for Genevieve's friend and protector, Anse Renwick. Anse, the Marquis of Exeter, strives to look out for Genevieve by fending off her fortune-hunting suitors and by keeping an eye on Winter. An eye turns into a hand when the desire between them fans into a fire of passion, escalated by their mutual attraction to Genevieve and their ensuing jealousy over her. As she watches the sparks fly between the two men, Genevieve finds unknown feelings of her own coming to life. Anse has always been her friend and only that, but now she is coming to see him as a man to be wanted. She also realizes that she is equally drawn to Winter. When both men express interest in her, Genevieve cannot decide where to turn, for in each direction there is a man who she is growing to love. Until one night when the growing desire between all three of them combusts. Yet in the light of day, Anse is the only one with no regrets. Can he convince Genevieve and Winter that even a love like theirs is meant to be? Can a love as forbidden as theirs even be acknowledged once the sun has risen?

One Season In London: A veteran of the Napoleonic War, Lucien Bridgerton, Earl of Penthurst, is no longer the rake he used to be. Scarred and crippled, he lurks on the fringes of polite society. It is from the edge of a ballroom that he first lays his eyes on debutante Fredericka Markham. She is beautiful and far beyond his touch. Or so he thinks until a chance encounter leads to a growing affinity for one another. Before Lucien quite knows what has happened, he is unofficially courting the beautiful young woman. He has even begun to think this may be the woman he wants to marry. Yet nothing is really as it appears. One secret stands between them which might not leave Freddie walking down the aisle - but to the gallows.

Incomaparable: Annabelle Stuart is prepared, if not pleased, to do her duty and marry whoever her parents pick out for her. However, she sees her chance to marry someone to her liking when she meets Lord Rafe Winters, heir to the Duke of Wolverton and all of the fortune that comes with it. All she has to do is convince him that he should marry her. Yet as she's on the verge of getting a proposal, her parents accept an offer from another man. Though it is impossible now for Annabelle and Rafe to be together, neither of them can move on from the other.

Evermore: Ever Knightwood is not a normal girl. She's a Slayer, a girl destined to kill vampires and demons and protect the world from evil. What she longs for, though, is to find a balance between life as a Slayer and life in the normal world. Of course, first she'd need to have a life in the normal world. And...well, she doesn't. But things start to change when she meets the dark and mysterious Raziel, who only calls himself Raze. He's stronger than even she is and seems to know everything about the underworld, but he fights on her side. An undeniable attraction bonds them together as a powerful evil tries to invade New York, but the same evil can reveal truths about Raziel that she could never have imagined and may never be able to accept.

Bel's Nightmare: Bel has a nightmare from his past. When he wakes, his mate, Brad, is there to comfort him.

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