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Well, I am Starry-eyed Starfish and this is my Fiction Press account... Which I bet you already realised... I love starfish very muchly as well as writing! I hope that what I write will be both unique and enjoyable and I would really appreciate reviews, whether they are compliments or criticisms - I really want to improve my writing so any way in which I could do that would be very kind and thoughtful; plus I appreciate that anyone has taken time to read what I have done ;3

As I said before I love writing (( and starfish, but that's a different matter entirely )) and one day I want to become an author and have my books lining the walls of libraries... Ever since I was little I have always wanted to write books as a career and I guess the reason I joined FictionPress in the first place was because writing interests me and I really want to know what other people truthfully think of the stories I produce.

The kind of stories I am most likely to write will usually contain fantasy, action, sci-fi, fiction and little to a lot of romance, depending on my mood ;) I really want to be a unique writer who can think of something that nobody else could and who could write it in a way that makes the reader feel all the emotions that I try to get across, but I guess that will take practice and time, which I will willingly devote to writing.

My favourite author would be Walter Moers seeing as he is so creative, imaginative and unique. My favourite book would have to be The Host, which is also pretty imaginative - I love the twists and turns that take place during the stories and the emotions displayed in the character's writing. Lastly, my favourite series is a trilogy written by Patrick Ness called Chaos Walking, which I absolutely adore. The idea behind it and the way that the character's are portrayed so well always kept me on edge whilst I read them, making them thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend each of the books I have mentioned - plus the unmentioned books written by Walter Moers; look them up if you have the time.

I'm also a bit of a fan of anime... Which 'Mockingjay (( See below ;) )) absolutely hates... D: However I always combat it with the fact that she's a potterhead so she can't judge... Then again a lot of people are potterheads... Anyway... So my favourite films would probably be animated ones, although I LOVE THE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE WITH KEIRA KNIGHTELY IN -- I want my own Mr Darcy :'( Other than that my favourite films would be... SPIRITED AWAY!! And Howl's Moving Castle... And pretty much every Studio Ghibli film ... :D Don't judge -- yes I am talking about YOU, GOLDENMOCKINGJAY -- some people say it's strange; I think it's cute :3

Finally I want to mention my friend - GoldenMockingjay - who also has an account on FictionPress. Please check out any work that she has completed because I am sure it will be SPLENDIFEROUSLY AWESOME!!! As usual ;)

That I think is all so bye for now ;3

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