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Name: Gael

Age: 19

Location: An island off mainland Europe.

Gender: A girl but I'm just one of the guys

Race: I'm a Neko. Meow.

Muse: I don't quite know what to say about this one, my muse is rather obnoxious and strikes at the most inconvenient of times such as the middle of the night or when I'm sitting in class.

Some Stuff:

- I cannot write female characters. Most of my stories focus around guys

- I love to write yummy yaoi. Yep I'm a bit of a yaoi whore.

- Obsessive collection is in my nature. If I start buying up a book, TV or game series I have to get them all

- Someday I want to work in the art department of movies or TV

- My name means Joyful but it's not at all like me.

- I live in the capital of the country I'm from, it's a pretty nice city.

And that's about it :3