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this is my first time on this site, since I used to write Fan Fictions. I deicded to give it a try since well, I want to know what people think of my stories that aren't fan fictions.

I'm a published author of one book and write stories on here, well, one story so far to better my writing skills.

It's slash a.k.a male/male or boy love, but no smut.

the link below is here: http:///harvest_moreinfo.html



The snyopsis:Zenji Boku is nothing more than a simple human. Now, nothing more than a vampire, nineteen year old Zenji is destined to meet Kai Jabbawokke. From their meeting Zenji is brought through more misery. Zenji is broken from the past; he hates and fears demons because demons took his mother and sister Rei from him. Unwillingly becoming a vampire gives Zenji more harm than good. The haunted past Zenji so desperately wished to hide came back to him after meeting Kai. Just as Zenji thought he was getting better the demons of his nightmares come to remind Zenji that he will never get his happy ending. Kai is the one man who wants to prove to Zenji that those demons are wrong. Zenji doesn't believe it but as he grows closer to Kai he learns how to feel human. All he had to do was give up his humanity and become a vampire for it to happen.

Ummmm well, I don't have a favorite genre. I like romance, manga, uhh literature but more so Kurt Vonnegut his short story 2081 aka Harrison Burrgeron. Hmm, mystery and true crime I love those too. What I really love too are those physiological thrillers or stories that involve psychiatrist and patient relationships or hell even jail stories.

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Right Hand of The Reaper by Sleepiest Writer reviews
A short little teaser for a series I'm working on. It's one of my favorite pieces, so I'm really proud of it in particular even though I want to save the rest of the actual story for something. Big fan of the Assassin gimmick, and I thought I'd try my hand at it and it came out better than I thought. Happy to hear what others think of my work. Please and thank you for the feedback.
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