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Scarlet Here,

Just another fellow writer among many. So far I've opened up a new site for my work, which is basically art and writing. I'm trying to broaden my skills in both, which means critique is now my new best friend! (And if there are any artists focusing on digital art, lean on me! Deviant art tutorials suck) I've been messin' with the color theory and I still want to knock it up a notch. Still not quite there yet! I'm sure many of you have heard of Soul Calibur. Well their art book (current) is flawless in my opinion, and I want to focus on their techniques (maybe it's a matter of which brush to utilize?). I do my best with the resources I have in cooperating drawing and writing, since I believe they belong together. Their companionship keeps things interesting! Anywho, Here's a little about me:


Yes! It's my personal site, but my updates and news are posted on the blog.

I have finished drawing up half of my character cast for my first story: Hollow Night. (A fantasy based romance/adventure series. I run the title under episodes, since I do plan on finding an animator to possibly ...well animate my story :3.)

The first chapter should be up this week (5/22/12)

(If there are any rpers out there, check out croix academy! http:/// )

Anyone taking suggestions?

-Kampfer is a manga that had a very short anime series. It's yuri based, so I was thinking someone should replicate it as a yaoi. (Not down to every exact detail because the anime didn't make any sense towards the end) Should be fun! Just putting the idea out there.

UPDATE: 7/13/12

It seems that my Hollow Night is strikingly similar to the anime: Betrayal knows my name. . Pretty scary in my opinion, but it seems to be liked

-I know I haven't been on my site much, and it isn't even because I'm busy! I've had this wave of lack of inspiration for a while, and I'm trying to break out of it. Granted I'm still writing, but I need to sketch more : p I have done the entire cast, but my indecisiveness is stopping me from finalizing Master B, Eren and Sophia. I'll get there, soon I hope!

UPDATE: 10/21/12

Hey fans,

-I've been UBER, and I mean UUUBEERR busy with work. Working full time and part time hours. Can't catch a break here! My blog has been 6 feet under, but I am trying to revive the dead. I'll try to fit in a chapter soon. Hopefully before the new year. I'm already working on it!

Update 5.3.13:

So I went ninja missing in action for a while. Life complications/issues whatever you may call it, but I'm back! So on my agenda, I'll try to be here on a weekly/monthly basis. First off, I did get to making a comic related to Kampher, that yaoi anime series. I'm working on the storyline, and it's coming out pretty well. Second, my tumblr has changed, the link is on SPC. Feel free to drop by! And lastly, I should be uploading the next chapter od Hollow Night in th enext two months if all goes well. Life has been busier than I can handle, so be patient guys. -Scarlet. (AKA Bardie)

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