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MWR series:

Mirkwood Ranch: Mikaela Wilcox is an ordinary young adult. She has big dreams just like anyone her age would. But when Mikaela hears that her mother is thinking about selling the family ranch, she goes to lengths to stop that from happening. But with Mikaela trying to save to ranch, and her mother considering to sell it. Will they still get a long or will it ruin their mother/daughter relationship?
MWR: Mystery of the Ghost Horse: Mikaela and her friends decide to go camping during the last week of summer; they end up stumbling upon an abandoned town. The town is rumored to be haunted by a ghost horse that was killed many years ago.
Undefeated: The story about a remarkable filly. Taking Chances is one of Mirkwood Farms best fillies. Undefeated. Tragically strikes during the talented filly's seventh race. How will everyone react? (A few years after mirkwood ranch, now named mirkwood farms.)

Coming Soon:
Escape; Mikaela is feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything that has been going on. Can she manage or will she want to escape the pressure of being the new owner of mirkwood ranch.
Fearless; Mikaela has finally accepted the ownership of the ranch. A new comer has arrived and wants to take over the ranch, and decides to challenge Mikaela for ownership. Will she back out of the challenge or accept it? Will she be afraid that she might loose the ranch for good?
Unexpected; Mirkwood Ranch is now Mirkwood Stables. Mikaela is considered the best young rider in the area. When a new rider comes to Mirkwood Stables and is bragging about how good she is. Will Mikaela want to prove her wrong?
Had me At Hello; Kristie is never one to fall in love at first sight. But what happens when she meets a mysterious guy, and she seems to keep running into him. Will she find it faith or just get annoyed.
One in this world; There is someone out there for everyone...isn't there? Mikaela doesn't believe that; in fact she refuses to fall in love with anyone. But when she meets Ty, will she fall for him or push him away like she does for everyone else.

MWR Characters:

Mikaela Wilcox: Mikaela is 5'9, has long dark brown hair, sky blue eyes, slim and athletic. She is one to put her friends and family before herself. She hopes to one day take over the ranch, that's if her mom stops trying to sell it. Mikaela likes to spend time out by the horses, helping around the ranch. Though in her first time she'll sometimes compete in competitions, like barrel racing. She is considered to be one of the best young barrel racers in the area right now.

Dave Wilcox: Dave is Mikaela's father. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, average size for someone his age and is 6'2. He runs the family owned ranch, and has often refused selling it whenever his wife suggests it. He is the peacemaker out of the family. He ends up getting attacked by a cougar, a few hours after arriving at the hospital, his body ends up giving up. Leaving Mikaela to run the ranch, and having to keep her mother from selling.

Angie Wilcox: Angie is Mikaela's mother. She has medium blonde hair, hazel eyes, slim and is 5'4. She has an okay relationship with her daughter, but after her husband dies, their relationship turns a complete 180. Mikaela ends up despising her mother because she keeps saying that selling the ranch would be best. All Angie wants is things to go back to normal, but since Dave is gone. She doesn't see that happening.

Cassie: Cassie is Mikaela's Cousin. She is 5'6, had short platinum blonde hair, hazel eyes and average. Cassie would never admit this to her cousin, but she secretly admires her. She doesn't have the best relationship with Mikaela, most of the time she is trying to get the attention of Mikeala's boyfriend, Ty. But that might all change after cassie's uncle dies.

Jodie: Jodie is Cassie's mother and Mikaela's aunt. She is 5'5, has long dirty blonde hair, green eyes and slim. Jodie has a great relationship with Mikaela, and does her best to support her. She often wishes that Angie had a better relationship with Mikaela.

Stephen: Stephen is a ranch hand for mirkwood Ranch. He is 6'1, has spiked light brown hair, brown eyes and athletic. He is an ex-boyfriend to Mikaela, so they don't always get a long. Stephen has been working at mirkwood ranch for five years now, he's been talking about quitting and futuring his career. After Dave's funeral, he stepped up and started helping out at the ranch more.

Scott: Scott is a ranch hand for mirkwood ranch. He is 6'0, has shaggy blonde hair, light green eyes and lean. He gets a long great with just about everyone, though he likes to give Mikaela a hard time, but not all the time. He really eases up on her after her dad dies. Though Mikaela tells him to stop being so nice to her. He eventually goes back to his old ways, but not until he knows that Mikaela is 100% back to herself.

Ty: Ty is a ranch hand for mirkwood ranch. He is 6'3, has shaggy dark brown hair, hazel eyes and lean/athletic. He is the current boyfriend to Mikaela, and would do just about anything for her. His best friend is Scott, he sort of gets a long with Stephen but they don't see eye to eye all the time. Though Stephen, Scott and Ty team up with Mikaela to make sure the ranch never gets sold.

John: John was Dave's bestfriend. He is 5'11, has short strawberry hair, brown eyes and average. He starts to help out more after Dave dies, feeling guility about what happen. Though no one is blaming him for what happen. He tries to help Mikaela keep the ranch running, but may change his opinion after Angie starts to talk to him more.

*New characters will be getting introduced shortly. Some will just be minor characters*

*Mikaela's style is very simple, she usually likes to stick to jeans and tank tops. Sometimes she'll dress up, but that is when she it either attending school or going somewhere. She doesn't care what she looks like when working on the ranch.*
Arriba is a pintaloosa; she's more of a palomino color.
Idea of what Amarillo looks like, only he's a darker shade of bay and has speckles on his hindquarters

Okay so I made Mikaela with some similarities to me...
1.) Mikaela's fear of hospitals...I have a real fear of hospitals, when I was younger I was in an accident, I also had a heart condition. So basically I spent a lot of time in the hospital, and almost every time I went into the hospital I had to undergo surgery. I think I underwent surgery about 5-6 times. I was only 11 when I was in the accident.
2.) Mikaela's love for horses...I was basically raised around horses, and I can't imagine my life without them now. I've ridden since I was six years old, and just got better over the years. I'm self-taught. My knowledge of horses is from being around them for so long, and from reading books. I can also train horses. According to my mom, I seem to have a connection with horses. I might add that in the story for Mikaela.
3.) Mikaela's relationship with her parents...I'm basically the opposite of her. She has a great relationship with her dad, and a somewhat okay relationship with her mom. I have a great relationship with my mom, and a somewhat okay relationship with my dad. I did the switcheroo.
4.) Mikaela always puts her friends and family before herself...I have always done that, though some claim that I don't. I have never been selfish, and would do whatever i can to help.

*I have a lot of respect for the miltary; my older sister joined the army in 2006. She's been deployed to North Korea twice and has been to Afghanistan (2011-2012). I also have a brother in law, he's been deployed to Iraq (Feb.2012-Nov.2012), and might be deployed to Afghanistan this summer. My older brother just got out of the army, he's been deployed only once and that was to North Korea*

Name: Brogan...My nickname is Stang though, a good friend of mine gave me the nickname because of my username (MustangLover2889).
Location: Texas USA...I'm from Wisconsin though
Siblings: Two sisters and a brother. (I'm the second youngest, third oldest)
Favorite Animals: I love all kinds of animals, but my two favorites are the horse and the wolf
Hobbies: Horseback Riding, hanging with friends and family, listening to music, drawing
Favorite Music: Rock/Pop, Punk/Rock, Punk/Pop, and Pop...Some Country
Favorite Bands/Singers:
Simple Plan
Big Time Rush
Boys Like Girls
Ross Lynch
Victoria Justice
Jackson Harris
Dave Days
Allstar Weekend
Mitchel Musso
Favorite Songs:
Come back down to Earth, Go Crazy, and Long Story short by Jackson Harris
Knockin' by Freddie Stroma
Make you Believe and Bless Myself by Lucy Hale
Here's 2 us, Bad Boys, Make it in America, Freak the freak out, Shut up and Dance by Victoria Justice
Invisible, Big Night, Paralyzed, and All Over Again by Big Time Rush
We're Just Kids by Dave Days
Billion Hits by Ross Lynch
One By One, Welcome to my life, Freaking me Out, Vacation, Gone Too Soon, Summer Paradise, Don't wanna think about you, Me Against the world, Perfect and Running out of Time by Simple Plan (Huge SP fan)
Crush, A little too not over you, Look Around, Something bout Love, and Who I am by David Archuleta
Hero by Sterling Knight
You Had me @ Hello, Fearless, and Nothing's gonna stop me now by Olivia Holt
You Had me @ Hello by Luke Benward
Remember When (Push Rewind) By Chris Wallace
We weren't born to follow By Bon Jovi
American Soldier by Toby Keith
Tattoos on this Town, Fly over state, and Crazytown by Jason Aldean

Favorite Movies:
Spirit Stallion of Cimarron
Black Beauty
Transformers 1,2, and 3
Step Up 1,2,3, and 4
Harry Potter movie series
Lord of the Rings movie series
Another Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song
Training horses
Horse Racing
Listening to Music
Hanging with friends and family, but if I'm not in the mood then I won't bother
People who Judge (There is a saying, You can't judge a book by it's cover...Well not everyone agrees with it)

(April 29, 2003 - January 29, 2007)(Undefeated in six starts. He won the 2006 Kentucky Derby by seven lengths. Two weeks later brokedown during the preakness stakes ending his career. Eight months later he was putdown bcuz of laminitis)
Ruffian (April 17, 1973 - July 7, 1975)
Count Fleet (1943 Triple Crown winner)(Set the new margin of victory during the 43 belmont stakes. He won by 25 lengths or more)
Gemologist (Retired 2012. Was Undefeated in 5 races before the 2012 Kentucky Derby. Never lost a race when he was healthy. Placed 16th in the kentucky Derby, and last in the Haskall.)
Acclamation (Retired 2012, Won the Charles Wittingham memorial three years in a roll. 2010, 2011, and 2012)
Violence (Two year old colt. Undefeated in three races)(Placed second during the 2013 Fountain of Youth Stakes, came out of it with a fractured sesamoid bone. He is now retired)
Awesome Feather (Was undefeated in ten starts. Placed 6th in her last race. Retired 2012)
Unstoppable U (Was undefeated in two starts but placed 6th in the belmont stakes. Hasn't been the same since. But I still love him)(Started the 2013 season off good. Placed second in his first race and won his second race)
Dialed In (Retired 2012. Won the 2011 Holy Bull Stakes and Florida Derby)
Verrazano (Undefeated in four starts; he has been tested during the 2013 wood memorial. Still my top pick for the 2013 kentucky derby.

Opening Credits: Make it in America by Victoria Justice
Waking Up: Run this Town by Lucy Hale
First Day At School: Who we are by Jessica Simpson
Falling In Love: Had me @ Hello by Luke Benward
Fight Song: One by One by Simple Plan
Breaking Up: Cheat on me by Boys Like Girls
Prom night: Live while we're young by One Direction
Life: Me, Myself and Time by Demi Lovato
Mental Breakdown: Crash World by Hilary Duff
Driving: Make it in America by Victoria Justice
Flashback: A little too not over you by David Archuleta
Getting back together: Remember When (Push Rewind) by Chris Wallace
Wedding: My Little Girl by Tim McGraw
Birth of Child: Things are Gonna get better by David Archuleta
Final Battle: Come back down to Earth by Jackson Harris)
Funeral Song: Tattoos on This Town By Jason Aldean
Final Credits: Remember by Kari Kimmel
*I found this really funny*

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Mikaela doesn't believe in love. She doesn't believe in soul mates. When she dates, she'll end it before she gets to close. But when a new guy starts attending school and working for her father, will Mikaela's opinions change or will she stay the cold-hearted person that she is known as?
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