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Welcome to my profile! You've found this somehow, and with that I congratulate you!

Here's a good summary of me...

Name: Just call me Ice ; )

Gender: Female

Age: I'll give you a hint: it's between 0 and infinity. Have fun with that!

What I like to Write the Most: Poetry. Lots of poetry.

Favorite Genre: Fantasy. Unlike most girls who Like romance. Waste of time in my opinion...

Country: U.S.A

Favorite Words: Nostalgia, revere, nonsensical, archaeopteryx, pandemonium, paradox, paranoid, hyperventilation, reverie,illusion, decipher, antidote, wonder, imagine, dream

Favorite Color: Robin's egg blue

Eye Color: Dark blue, with a green circle around the pupil. The kind ofeyes that people tell me can see right through them, or into them. The kind of eyes that you can read like an open book.

Kind of Heart: Caring, but hesitant to open up to just anyone. Empty, with a hole in the middle. Loud in my ears, because I listen to it so often.

Kind of Mind: Intelligent. People say I use big words too much. I tell them that they're being nonsensical.

Talents: Singing, being able to surprise even the dullest of people. Writing, obviously. Being able to stand up for what's right, and dream the most wonderful of places. Being able to climb any tree, and not being able to stop myself from doing so!

Favorite Natural Disaster: Thunderstorms. I love the way the lightning flashes through the entire sky and curves through the air like its nothing.

Worst Things About My Life: My parents are divorced. I can't really trust anyone because of it, and I don't have many friends. I can't break out of my shell, and I hate it when people laugh at me, but I bare through it and ignore them. My stepmom wants to have a child, and I'm scared it's to replace me.

Best Things About My Life: I'M ME.

Favorite Books: The Golden Compass Series, The Hunger Games Series, The Harry Potter Series, Pheonix Rising, Extremley Loud And Incredibly Close, The Farwalker's Quest Series, The Borrowers Series, Neversink, My Name Is Mina, Skellig, The Warriors Series

Favorite Food: Butterscotch Cookies

Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea

Favorite Animals: Owls, Wolves, and Mockingbirds

Favorite Fantasy Animals: Dragons, Gryffins, Pheonixes, and Thunderbirds

My Favorite Music: One thing you should know is that I'm not a stupid fan girl. I hate Justin Bieber and Onedirection. But I love Goo Goo Dolls, Owl City, Taylor Swift, Breaking Benjamin, and Cristina Perri

Favorite Songs by People Listed Above In Order: I'm Still Here, Real World, Safe and Sound, I Will Not Bow, and Thousand Years

QUICK NOTE 9/30/12


That enough for all of you stalkers? No? Well too bad. ; )

PM me anytime!

Amber Icefire

P.S. Is it just me or is this a dead website? Just saying. :3

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