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Introductions are a bore.

Just an excuse to pretend to get to know people.

Try getting through a full political debate with a religiously faithful republican or a peace-loving democrat that don't even recognize their personal reason for being extremely left or right. The two would rather begin a match in an octagon than plan a solution to our economic problems.

But being a woman, I shouldn't have any political statement, should I?

Sexism doesn't bother me though. I find it rather as an important element within society. I sure as hell wouldn't trust a man to keep a woman's chores in order. The only thing a man is good for is his money.

But there is always an exception to each rule.

Some people want to be that exception. That one person that is given that privilege to be separate from all the other losers in the room.

Is that even fair? Well, when has anything been fair?

Fairness is political correctness; a myth that only those losers believe.

They just don't want to face their own worthless self-pity. It's something that is clearly unnecessary.

I rather fantasize about nonsense. Anything exaggerative. A ghost passing through a window to entertain another human for a night of horror, a growth spurt of wings to soar over the Atlantic, a bundle of forest animals to help a scarecrow find his lost wooden post, an argument between an hungry bear and sarcastic fish, a far off planet facing it's sudden destruction, a prince climbing up a rigorous tower for his future wife, a terrible marching band creating beautiful music, and a transformation unlike any other. It's a confusing puzzle to figure out, but it's an interest. But that's only the 16 piece puzzle. Inputing the nonsense into reality, that's the 1000 piece puzzle.

It's always fun to complete a creation.
Especially when it's in progression.

Mr Halter & Mr Prunge
Leaving the county jail, a pair of criminals are on probation to assure their thoughts of crime would evaporate. Remembering their plans for a robbery before probation's end date, the two must make a decision of the criminal life or the good life.
Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Crime/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 285 - Published: 5/26/2012