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Welcome :)


Unless we're good friends, please do not send me materials to read or edit. Please do not send me a premise for a story and ask me to write it for you. It's not that I'm not willing to do these things or trying to be a jerk, it's that my time is finite. I can either spend it writing my own work or I can spend it beta reading and editing other people's work. If I do that, I'm no longer a writer, I'm an editor.

If you have a fabulous idea for a all means, write it! No one can write your story but you.

I try to avoid reading fanfic on the subject or genre I'm currently working on. I don't want to be accused of taking anyone's ideas, and I definitely don't want to unconsciously call upon something I read and incorporate it thinking its mine without conscious realization that it came from elsewhere. That's not fair to me nor to the people whose writing I unwittingly stole.

About me and my writing:

I am the very model of a hyperactive literist. I write very quickly. Contrary to popular belief...I am not a machine :)

I have been writing stories since I was five years old. I am a writer, it’s what I am, what I do, and what I can’t live without.

My specialized genres tend to be horror, fantasy, sci-fi, adventure, and thorough blendings of all four. I rarely have more than a basic premise in mind when I write and I tend to let the characters and tale tell me where it wants to go. I’m a huge believer in the fact that stories already exist, it’s simply up to the writer to bring them to life. You will find that I write a lot of strong female characters.

None of the above is absolute, it’s just what I lean towards. I often write in partnership with the very talented Carissa Starr and have written in partnership with others.

I’m not out to make money at this (though it would be nice if I could make a living). I write because I must, and writing is never complete unless there is a reader to take the story in.

I am also a lucid and repetitive dreamer. A lot of the ideas from my original fic come from recurring dreams I've had since I was very small.

For those of you who frequent, yes...this is the same Melaradark.

Planned fanfic for:

Some folk will be extremely excited to learn about some of the following. Note: Sequels do NOT necessarily mean anyone is safe. I am, as most have said...evil. :)

DE3: Currently in progress

Terminator: Currently in progress



Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age 2

Wing Commander

Tomb Raider (haven't decided)

Kill Bill

Original Fic published:

I have self-published a few things under Threadhopper's Press (threadhoppers dot com) . They are available in paper and eBook copies. Right now we are working through Lulu but our distributor might change in the near future. If you are interested in any of the below titles, just go to the threadhopper's page and click on the link on the upper right corner labeled 'Lulu Bookstore'.

Already published books are:

Dragon Saint (first book in the Dragon Saint Series)

Upline (first book of the Radisson Series)

Incarnations: Aslau (co-written with Carissa Starr and included in the Incarnations series)

Projects on the table:

These are my original fic projects I have cooking on various burners that will probably show up here as I work on them. It is my hope to post them in progress (gaining feedback and gauging interest) until the rough draft at least is completed. They will then be edited, some scenes possibly rewritten, and pulled off the site to be included for sale on Threadhoppers. Thus, you will be able to read the story as it evolves and will be able to buy a hard copy or digital version of the finished product if you so desire. As I said, I'm not doing this for money (though t'would be nice). I don't care if you copy the stories and make them into .pdfs to read on your kindle or nook. Just be aware that you won't get the final, polished, edited version of the story unless you purchase (eBook versions are usually under 5 dollars)

However, taking any of my material and attempting to publish or claim it as your own WILL be met with force. I may be a bit forgiving but outright copywrite infringment against my intellectual material will not be tolerated.

/tangent. Anyway, As you can see, there are quite a lot of them (note...this does not generally include my collaborative work with other writers! One or two titles here are, however, collaborative...most notably the Oakfallow Series and Heart of the World):

Minutes Series:

11 Minutes (will shortly be up for sale, undergoing final proofing)

Unnamed sequel (in progress)

Two additional titles planned, currently unnamed

Dragon Saint Series:

Dragon Saint

A Tale of Bethany

The Immortal War

Pale Hand (possible) Series:

Willem (working title, fantasy novel)

Kaloran Series:

Vhantalya (going through final edits)

Rose of Fire

Cauldron of the World

The Blood de Valint

The Fool King

Heart of the World

Radisson Series:

Upline (published)

Downline (in progress)





Oakfallow Series:

The Legend of Oakfallow (undergoing extensive rewrite)

The Haunting of Dark Abbey Hall

Non-Series books planned:

Scarlett (may end up part of the Incarnations series)

Ferry Tails and Witches


I will of course add to these lists as new ideas come to me or as things are finished/reworked/I dig out some of my old projects and go 'oh yeah, forgot about this one'.

My goals are to work on my fanfic during the week and my original fic on the weekends...a feat that will now be possible thanks to my shiny new laptop.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy!

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