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Starmoon Dolydd is my name, just not my birth name. My pen name and alias is Kit Meadow. Rhendrakal is the clan I am the head of even though my first mate is the founder of it. I am a male, but wishes to be a true hermaphrodite to match my gender identity. My age is unknown due to living day by day without any real notice and haven't aged physically since sixteen, but know I am older than twenty-one though. Unknown location as I am a hermit inside my own computer, and usually lost somewhere in the things called Internet (researching things or reading) and Open Office Writer (Typing stories with it).

Last I checked I was somewhere in North America. Mainly my spirit guide is my muse, but coffee also helps. No co-author at moment, used to be Carokhan Rhendrakal. He started his new job as of August 6th, 2015. My spirit guide is a fox with such a mischievous side as well as a sweet disposition. I am unsure of my religion's name, but most seem to think it is satanic.

It isn't though. I formerly practiced Christianity, Taoism, Satanism, and Spiritualism. I like talking to my mates, coffee with four tablespoons sugar and a teaspoon of caramel in it, anime, love in most forms, reading, drawing (rarely), cooking/baking, writing (occasionally), photography, eating, among other things. I dislike rap, homophobic people, judgmental people, violence, being alone for extended periods of time, and nightmares. My hobbies are talking to my mates, drinking different types of coffee or wine, writing, listening to music, eating, crocheting, reading, drawing, and photography. My music depends on my mood really.

My favorite quotes are "beware the shadows for they hide dark secrets." Shayde Kruen (my late fiancé), "Love and acceptance, two underestimated blessings that are taken for granted by most." Starmoon Dolydd (me), and "Emotions, such needed but mysterious things." Starmoon Dolydd (me). My dream is also my goal, which is to be accepted and loved. SO far it is coming true as I have two loving mates/boyfriends. Heights, being alone, silence, being single, loud noises, and my anger are six things I am afraid of. I am asexual and bi-romantic (bi-romantic is where you will date either gender but have a slight preference), I have a public wardrobe (every day clothes) and a private wardrobe (girly clothes that only my mates can see around the house), and I wish to have a real fox tail that is at least twenty inches long. My mates are Carokhan Rhendrakal and Phoenix Firestar.

Games I have are Bravely Default, Dragon Age: Origins, Minecraft, Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Soul Silver, Pokémon Platinum, Borderlands 1, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Movies I have are Wolf Children, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit Trilogy, Little Nicky, The Karate Kid (2010), Secret of NIMH 1, Balto III, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Mystic River, and Princess Mononoke (On Computer). TV Series I have are Code Lyoko (Seasons 1-4), but watched only first season. I own many romance novels, but haven't read them yet. Original Stories will go on Deviantart and Fictionpress, but I will work on them last. Fanfiction and Deviant art will be for my fanfics as well.

My work status: I am currently trying to work on my ideas for my stories, but lack motivation to actually work on them for long. I will try harder though. I will start working on the chapter on September 20th, 2015, & will try to have the first chapter done as soon as I can.

My work schedule: Every Wednesday from 9am-11:30am I will be meditating or cleaning, 11:30am-5pm I will be shopping, & 4pm-9pm I will be working on ideas for my story. From Thursday-Tuesday I will be working on my stories from 9am-5pm on those days as well. Every day besides Wednesday from 5pm-6pm I will be exercising. From 6pm-9pm on every other day than Wednesday I will be working on my crochet projects. Every two weeks after uploading a chapter I will be working on ideas only, then I will work on the next chapter until I feel satisfied at the end of the chapter from two to three months. I won't upload until I feel I have hit a end for the chapter.

My upload schedule: I will try to upload every two to three months. There may be times when I upload early within a month, but this will be extremely rare. It may become regular for me to upload after four months waiting between chapters, but I will try to not let that happen.

Current Stories I will Work On: Scientific Wizard (Harry Potter) & Magic Within The Heart of Hearts (Original).

Reason for Story 1: This story has been on my mind after listening with a scientific friend and a friend that practices magic. They asked me to combine their ideas with Harry Potter, and this story was born within my mind.

Reason for Story 2: It is for my father's birthday once I complete it, but I will let him read it before posting it.

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A nineteen year old finds love when his pet otter mutates itself to be with him. Challenges rises, and bonds will be tested. Will their newly formed bond be destroyed or will it become stronger? This story contains yaoi (Male on male), and Mpreg (male pregnancy), don't like then don't read. Anyone with a open mind then I hope you enjoy this story.
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