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[ I'm BACK! ]

I will R&R your stories. If you R&R mine. Fair trade.

It's come to my attention that many people have written profiles and I seem to have no profile information to speak of. WHAT A TRAVESTY! *Gasp*

!!NEW FORUM ALERT!! http://www.fictionpress.com/forum/The-Age-of-Infernal-Clockwork-RP/6682/ Please, join. It's a beautiful Steampunk one, which I haven't seen yet. Anyone interested in that type of thing are welcome to join. The Dark Court RP-ers may join. Since, I've decided to stop all activity over there.

I'm sure most of you don't really read these things anyway. I'm a hopeless romantic, and happen to have the quickest temper known to womankind. And women tend to have very quick tempers. I'm vengeful, petty, annoying, infuriatingly cheerful. Many other negative adjectives and superlatives could be entered here, but I don't want to over sell myself and have you think I'm in any way interesting.

What should interest you are my stories. My writing will have blobs of Romance, splatterings of the Supernatural and sometimes I'll write about my own feelings in a massive rage/lovesick/depressed/high/cheerful one-shot. My writing can be somewhat fast-paced, and I can be pretty damn obvious when I want something to happen in my stories. But I seem to have people reading up on what I do, so I think that means they are somewhat interesting. I may stop and start many stories and give some up in a fit of rage so I'm really sorry if you like a story and it never gets finished.


(Discontinued) You Wish (Novella): Romance/Supernatural ; Inspired by Aladdin, it is about Rhiannon Starling. Shy and wary of boys, cheerleaders and many other things she is a social pariah. But when she is offered three wishes by a beautiful and dangerous genie, she can't help but wish...

Masquerade (Novella): Historical/Romance/Adventure ; Set in the Victorian times. It's about an upper class girl, Scarlette and her need for adventure but her story is shared by a young thief and notorious pirate by the name of Adrian, hellbent on revenge. When their paths collide, there's a possibility of love, betrayal and possibly a happy ending.

Your Guardian Angel (Novella): Young Adult/Supernatural/Romance ; After failing her first assignment as a guardian angel. Skye is withdrawn from the world. But when she is pushed back into the world and into the arms of a handsome and annoy Nephilim, she doesn't know if she can save the world at the cost of her heart.

Stuck In The Moment (Novella): Young Adult/TimeTravel/Romance ; A regular girl and a medieval knight. Typical historical romance novel right? Wrong. Throw in a prophecy of destruction, a quest to regain honour, a boy with spiked hair and a demon who just doesn't know when to quit and you've got something else.

The Hunt (Short Story): Supernatural/Young Adult ; A writing exercise in English led to this, though I'll need more interest in order to get any further than it already is. Elena is forced to escape at midnight, when a violent gang of Witch Hunters search through her town and capture young women. She is stopped by a mysterious boy, who claims to hold the secret to her potential...

It's Complicated (One-Shot): Romance ; Inspired by the Avril Lavigne song, Complicated and real life experiences. Eliana has loved Dimitri for quite a long time, but when her ex comes back asking for another chance and her bestfriend starts revealling his feelings, she can't help but feel things have gotten a little complicated.

Forever & Always (One-Shot): Romance/Fantasy/Tragedy ; I admit this isn't my best story, but I liked it. Lorianna can wield the element of water, and has been locked up by the evil Salamandrius. When a handsome young man falls in love with her, her life will never be the same again.

I love many different works, and that may come through in my writing. I love mythologies, ranging from the popular and often well known Greek mythology to Welsh to Celtic. It's all of interest to me. I read Edgar Allan Poe, H.G Wells, Bram Stoker, The Time Machine and many other gothic, post-apocolyptic, romantic, supernatural authors and texts. I love supernatural, romance, chick-lit and much more. I'm none too picky. I also listen to a whole lot of music, any type of music, and sometimes songs will inspire my writing. I have written many stories and I stop and start them based on inspiration. I will not finish stories that I don't find interesting, so many stories will go on hiatus and such. Sorry about that.

Me in Poetry:

In a simile ; I am like rain water easily seen, easily lost and easily forgotten, ever-changing.

In a metaphor ; I am the stars. I do not shine as brightly or as beautifully as the moon but my silent charm will live far longer in the heart of man than the moon's light.

In alliteration ; Little lily living, loving, loathing life.

In anadiplosis ; I am beautiful for I am not vain,

Vain are the weak of heart,

The heart may break but I find strength,

Strength and power are in the words.

P.S. PM me if you ever wanna chit-chat. I'm often bored and online.

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REVISED! "Have I mentioned," I want to know, shyly tracing his lips with my forefinger, "that I think I'm falling in love with my stepbrother's best friend?" He smiles. "I'm going to kick that guy's ass," he says. The guy I used to despise more than anything in the entire universe turns out to be the one I fall in love with.
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The lives of two angry and depressed eighteen year old boys are filled with secret horror odyssey of sex, alcoholism and drug abuse. She is supposed to save them...yet she finds herself caught in confusion between love and lust, between two boys who would bring her down to a path leading to Hell- a Hell of acceptance, where there is no way out...
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is just one more thing I'm giving up on. For good.
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I tried to scream, and failed.
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Stuck In The Moment reviews
Tamsyn is a regular teenage girl. She has boy troubles. She loves her best friend. She can't seem to stop reading about Historical Romance. But when Adrian of Gwenydd stumbles into a wormhole from the middle ages and straight into Tamsyn's life. Will they find a way to return Adrian home? Or will they get stuck in the moment?
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Scarlette Granville has always dreamt of adventure but being born a girl of the Victorian Age isn't exactly productive to her cause. Forced to choose a suitor by the end of her masquerade ball, she feels like a lamb to the slaughter. But when she meets the exciting and dark Adrian, she knows her life will never be the same again... Please R&R
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A war has broken out between Heaven and Hell. But when a daemon decides that he doesn't much care for either side, he creates an army of Nephillim capable of destroying warriors both sides. Skye is a Guardian, the lowest scum of Heaven but when she returns to Earth to protect an annoyingingly irresistible boy, can she keep her heart and the world safe?
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A powerful elemental wielder, Lorianna has been trapped since her birth by the evil Salamandrius. But when a rogue guard falls in love with her, can she escape the grasp of the evil overlord or will it all be for naught? One-Shot. No need to review.
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