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Hiya! I'm just a random fourteen year old who loves to write and other such loveliness. God, I suck at this profile shit, so here's some basic info. Like I said, I'm fourteen, I ain't gonna tell you my name cuz I don't want any creepy old pervs stalking me, I've wanted to be an author since I was in kindergarten, and I belong to three writing websites because I keep finding one that I like better than another. Right now it's FictionPress, a few weeks ago it was FicWad, before that it was FanFiction. I think I have a problem...haha. Yup. All I gots ta say for now so...PEACE!

Story Ideas:

1. The Four Times Trilogy (Four Times I Knew Jem Walker)
Category: Romance
Summary: People think that just because Sophie is one of the smartest people in the world that her life is easy. Believe me, it's not. After all, when you're afraid to talk to people, you have a lot more time than you'd like to study up, and boy, has she done her studying. Now, only days after she and her fellow geniuses have discovered the secret to time travel, her older sister Lindsay breaks the heart of one of the only people she can talk to: Jem Walker. So now Sophie has taken it upon herself to go back in time and stop him from meeting her sister. She just didn't expect what came from it.
Location/Time Period: Book One- 1995; Book Two- 2015 (apocolypse-y government take over); Book Three- 2020

2. The Sort-of Adventures of Almost Ex's
Category: Romance
Summary: Morgan and Jason are just like any other ex's...almost. You know, if you get past the fact that they're fourteen, haven't talked to each other in two years, and never ACTUALLY dated. But, you know, they almost did. Really and truly almost. Oh, and then there's this little problem: they've both still got the hots for each other. Can the two almost lovers move on and survive high school like everyone else, or will getting over their first love be harder than expected?
Characters: Morgan Chase and Jason Taylor

3. Commuting- I Mean Communism- No, Communicating!
Category: Humor/Romance
Summary: A German, a Frenchman, and a Spaniard walk into Starbucks. This isn't the opening line of a joke, this is what Phillipe Bonnefey and his two best friends Toni and Frank do every day after school. These foreign exchange students barely know a word of English, they don't share a common language, and honestly they all hate coffee, but damn it! They all know Frenchie wants the girl and they'll be damned if it doesn't happen!
Chareacters: Phillipe Bonnefey, Antonio (Toni) Martinez, Frank Bauer, Alexis without a last name

4. Getting to Hell in 10 Easy Steps
Category: Romance
Summary: Well, I guess you could say I'm not the greatest person ever. I stole the answers to my finals four semesters in a row, messed around with most of the girls in school, and I'm planning to cheat on the ACT. But I am getting better! I've been dating my girlfriend three months and we haven't even gone to second base! Of course, that doesn't mean I haven't gotten there with her best friend. Okay, so I'm a horrible person. But hey, it's high school!
Characters: Ryan McGivney, Dana Brookes, Tristan Ramsay (don't let the name fool you, she's a girl)
Genre: Romance, humor
Status: In the works

5. The Numbers (book 1)
Category: Action
Summary: Sean Moore Jr., or Sonny as he's more commonly known as, has it all: average grades, annoying siblings, minimal social life, and the privilege of spending hours each week enduring intense physical training. This may not sound all the great, but to a sixteen year old Fighter who shouldn't have even lived to be this old, it's the life. But things are about to change. Not only do his parents want him out of Fighting, the two (somewhat unbalanced) orphaned teens of an infamous fighter have showed up on his door step, and now the boy's demanding that Sonny help him find his father's killer. Complicated enough?
Characters: Sonny Moore, Eli Diamond, Nora Diamond, Patrick Moore, Molly Moore
Genre: Action, Drama, Friendship and/or Family
Status: Complete

6 The Series
Category: Action
Summary: A few days ago, in our time anyway, a stranger indirectly took my brother from me and told me that we were all created, not born. Nothing but the characters in his book. Now, after my reaction to my brother's death didn't go the way he wanted, he's making me earn my place in his bestselling series The Numbers, or else disappear from existence like my brother, and his helpers are here to make sure I do it the way he wants. But how is that?
Characters: Eli and Nora Diamond, Ignatius Davids, Sonny Moore, Nick and Gil Wagner, Lilli, the Numbers
Genre: Mystery, Action, Romance??
Status: In the works (spinoff of The Numbers)

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