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Name: Pencil Domino Jr. (not my real name unfortunately :()

Age: 13

Gender: Female

My username came from Assorted Dogs (something I saw on eBay) and 812 (a mix between 8 and 12, my favourite numbers) :3.

Here are my main characters:

The Kitty Series:

Chilli Domino

Age: 8

Height: 0'8"

Weight: 3g

He is the oldest triplet but the middle height and he is an orange kitten with blue eyes. He is also a troublemaker.

Data Domino

Age: 8

Height: 0'10"

Weight: 3g

The tallest and skinniest as well as the smartest triplet who is a black kitten with green eyes.

Biskit Domino

Age: 8

Height: 0'6"

Weight: 3g

The shortest chubbiest and youngest triplet is a golden kitten with brown eyes. He loves biscuits.

Pencil Domino (me, but not my real name)

Age: 13

Height: (series) 3'6" (real life) can't tell

Weight: (series) 6kg (real life) can't tell

The owner of the kitties who likes to sing with them.

Little Insect series

Little Insect

Age: 8

Height: 5mm

Weight: 5mg

Species: Ant

Family: Big Insect, Rita Insect, General Insect, Tiny

Tiny the Fly

Age: 5

Height: 4mm

Weight: 4mg

Species: Fly

Family: Grandma, parents, Sergeant the Fly, Little Insect

Ringo the Beetle

Age: 11

Height: 6mm

Weight: 6mg

Species: Beetle

Family: Unknown

Honey Bee

Age: 8

Height: 5mm

Weight: 5mg

Species: Bee

Family: Unknown

The Green Sisters

Okay, the Green Sisters are part of a bigger series but that series has real people in it so I'll just make it a sub-series (spin-off).

Yoya Green:

Age: 10

Height: 83cm

Weight: 4kg

She wears black upside-down triangle glasses and has a ponytail. She looks like someone in real life. She is the oldest Green Sister but she's not the tallest! XD She is a yoyo collector.

Lily Green:

Age: 8

Height: 75cm

Weight: 3kg

She wears two pigtails and likes to go skipping.

Bianca Green:


Height: 90cm

Weight: 4kg

She's the shyest yet smartest Green Sister, and hates crowds.

Does it make be babyish if I write tubbie stories on ff but a bit more adventurous and with actual sentences?

The Kitty Series

Sprinkles Domino

Age: 3

Gender: Female

Bio: The little sister of the Kitties, and wishes to be like them someday. She has a crush on Chip Onimod.

2/4 2013

Hi I'm back sorry I haven't updated in a while -_-' Anyway I turned 14 while I was gone.

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