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Heyo, KikaLee here! I would tell my age but it changes every year and I don't like updating my profile so often.

I'm a writer and apparently, I'm a good one. I'll let y'all be the judge of that!

And yeah, I have a drawl when I speak comfortably. Just a-sayin'. I don't think any of my characters will have the same drawl as me. I hate it but bad habits are hard to break.

I mostly like fantasy stories, or anything out of the ordinary. I read so much stuff that I can tell when something has become too cliché.

If something has caught my eye, I will add them to both my favourites and my story alerts. I'll review them if I want to, but I have a bad habit of being a silent reader.

Just so you know, I am reading your stories if you came here looking for that.

Anything else, you can just PM me about. I don't bite... hard.

But if I ever bite you, it means I am incredibly comfortable with you. So think of it as a good thing!

Oh my god, shortest profile thing I have ever written. I like very much. Peace out, y'all!

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You Can Run by Inbobniac reviews
I'm not rich, smart, or talented. I can't run a mile in under ten minutes, I can't pass Algebra II, and couldn't afford my last electric bill. My face is asexual, sometimes I hit my head on ceiling fans, and my hair is so unruly it once smothered a hamster to death. So how, pray tell, did I end up at an all boys boarding school with a suitcase where my boobs should be?
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"Did you ever wonder?" Someone grabs my shoulder. I spin around and come face to face with a mask. "Did you ever wonder why we have to run for shelter?" A fox with an enigmatic smile. "With the promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky..."
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Betrayed by those he trusted, Sasha had no choice but to escape from the abusive lab in which he was created. With nowhere to go, his decision proves to be just as dangerous when Sasha finds himself helpless at the doorstep of a stranger. Warning: M/M Slash abuse rape. Don't like don't read.
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Lingering Blood by Winter Fox reviews
Everything in Columba's life changes after she moves into a fortress full of deadly assassins. Yet, terrifying as it would seem to be, she finds herself falling for one of them. This journey involves her joining her father and the assassins in their plot to control the entire land and execute the vile king. Medieval Times.
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The Sanguine Chronicles by RHJunior reviews
Life's not easy for a teenage vampire. It's not any easier for a teenage werewolf. Too bad Marko isn't either one of those things. He's a strigoi, the rarest of the rare, a crossbreed, both and yet neither... rated T for future violence and bloodshed.
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Radiation by Two Geniuses in a Library reviews
Follow the story of the Howlett "family", a group of seven teenagers with newly developed superpowers trying to fit into normal society, and hide from the people who caused everything. Warnings: Violence, Language, and mentions of sex. Keeping it T though, I promise!
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Kai Stormfield:The Eye Of The Storm by SimranVim reviews
Only a couple of months ago i found out about my bloodline and how i came to be what i am. 8 years ago my family died in a car crash and I was the only one to survive, at the age of 7. My father nor my mother were drunk. My dad swerved the car to protect us from what landed on the car bonnet. No it was not a vampire. It was far worse.It was a Tyrant. Contains language and violence.
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Lagoon Lake by summerbliss18 reviews
Nobody knew if legends of sirens in Lagoon lake were true. Madison moved to a new town, which was hard enough just to fit in.What she didn't expect was the water flood the high school dance.Sirens were real, and after her blood.She allies with a jock and other unexpected teens,forced together against all odds.She's soon betrayed by someone she cares for, was he her enemy all along?
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 13 - Words: 29,263 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 7/27/2012 - Published: 5/19/2012
The Reign of Falcon by SkywriterSound reviews
It's done. Falcon has taken over and destroyed everything. But they have not won, not yet. Rebellion stands in their way and they may be the only chance the world has to be saved from the terrible nightmare of Falcon. Told through a compilation of snippets of characters lives.
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The Silent Saviour by jaybeeuk reviews
An Urban Fantasy. In the nation's heart, the streets are owned by the tribes that earn them. A delicate web of deceit and power is woven, more alike to the heroic battles of old than grimy street crime. Fame lies in wait for those who succeed – it is only your life at stake.
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No person was born as a mindless killer. Milana was part of a mind-shattering experience which made her into a tyrannical queen. She was made to be ruthless, to be cruel, and to be hated. NOTE: CHARACTER INSIGHT/BACKGROUND. Not actually the story I'm putting all my heart into.
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