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X-Treme Power of the Shadow.

If you must know, I didn't want to write a bio. But someone I know, forced me to do that so here we go.

Real name: Ace

Gender: Male

Age: Oh, boy little stalkish much?

Image: I guess I'll tell you. Dark Hazel eyes, spiky black hair (sort of like Mako if you know him). And crimson red tips.

Family: I have two sisters. One real one who will get one (I think), I won't write her name. And my step sister is Valentina, as some of you might know (Emo-girl256).

Likes: That is defiantely classified.

Dislikes: Also classified, except on how I hate on how girls dress fake to try and impress someone, and pretend to be someone they're not. (Hope I didn't offend you ladies who do that).

Favorite colors: I guess either red or blue.

Do I even do anything: Yes. Yes I do. And that would be other classified things.

Hey listen all you rapers or women snatchers.

If you. EVER. Lay I hand on both my sisters, I will personally. Hunt you down. Beat the living shit out of you. And make sure, you can't get any women you want pregnant. Or even touch them with your hands.

And if you try to disagree, just to let you know, I'm a black belt in Karate, Taekwondo, and Kung Fu. So try me. Oh and also, I go to the gun shooting range, so don't even try to fight back.

Yeah. Yeah. People are gonna think I'm a big softie. Well you're wrong. I only go soft on people I care about, just so you know.

I guess I give you a straight forward on what I'm like.

If I'm bored, I workout. If I'm tired, I watch scary movies (like the SHINING). If I'm mad, I turn emo like I normally am. If I'm sad, I do nothing. If I'm excited, I tend to draw scary pics. If I get a little cussy at you, I tend to cussyou out in different languages.

Favorite Movies: The Shining, Screams, Angels vs Demons. Hell Boys. The Grey. Madagascar 3, Battleships (even thouh I didn't see it yet). Transformers. Click. Step ups. Stomp the Yard. Norbit. Etc.

Do I play any spots: Captain of football team.

School: Classified.

What Am I doing right now: Make an educated guess.

I will be creating stories, but they will mostly be tragic, horror, maybe romance. But yeah, I have nothing to do with things.

I will not write my Oc's or what my stories will be like. Because I'm that kind, I will say, they're awesome I guess.

Sigh. Bored. Oh yeah.

If you ain't first, you last-Ricki Bobbi.

Got milk? my answer is from which b?

That's pretty much all I have to say to everyone, but yeah have a great nocturnal night everyone. Not.

Whatever I don't really caare. So just go on with your life, and don't make me care.

Screw my sisters, and I promise your I will kick your ass. Just like handcock the movie. Which I love also.


X-Treme Power of The Shadow.

Signing out.

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