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Hello, KaiserSchwarz here. Welcome to my profile. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Writer's Biography:

My main interests consist mainly of: reading, writing, gaming, exercise, and cooking. I am also an avid reader of fanfiction and often spend my time reading fanfiction when I am not reading manga, watching anime, or playing video games. I just finished the first arc of my first work, Synchronizer and am currently writing up the second. As far as my experience goes, I have been writing (original work) since I was ten years old, and fanfiction since I was twelve. I've thus been writing overall as an amateur for about seven years now. None of it was ever published. So, it will be fun to actually show my work to other people. I am currently aspiring to write light novels with anime/game style plots in my spare time if possible. Originally, I wanted to be a mangaka, but given that my art skill requires me hours, sometimes even days to get something decent out, I figured pursuing something that only requires maybe ten or fifteen pages of art work not including the cover art was a more reasonable goal. While I currently do not plan to seriously enter the world of professional writing, I have considered it if the story series I begin to write here actually shows promise (By views, alerts, favorites, etc.).

I do have a fanfiction account and will eventually post the link here when I have more time.


All of my works are usually one hundred percent fiction. Any resemblance it has to a real life party, event/disaster, or person will probably be pure, and utter coincidence unless it is specifically mentioned as such in the Author's Footnotes at the end of any given chapter.

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