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Hey everyone, Ange Noire here (for those of you who don't know, ange noire means black angel)

So anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself to you:

I'm Canadian (Québec), and female
Je parle l'anglais aussi que le français (I speak English as well as French)
I love horses (sometimes this might influence my writing; I will not under any circumstances kill a horse in my book)
I've been writing fiction since I was a preteen (I'm in my teens now)
My most frequented genres to write are science-fiction, fantasy, horror, adventure (I try to stay away from teen romance)
My most frequented subjects to write about are magic/the supernatural, love, geasa, perseverance, trials, emotion...
I have a horrible tendency to start something, get inspired by a television show, movie, or book, and start a new series
I have a bad tendency to abandon my books after about five thousand words (ten-fifteen pages)
I am bisexual, and I often include m/m and f/f pairings in my novels. This is not a place for the homophobic.
I have a fear of misrepresenting different demographics in my novels (i.e someone who is not white, female, and upper-class)

Currently I'm working on a series, my life project, the fruit of my imagination. It is all my uncertainty, the things I worry about, my philosophy about life and theism (more specifically atheism). It is the big questions in life, what it is to be human, moral, whether or not good things really do happen to good people, or whether the world is simply a cruel wheel of fortune. Whether beauty in this world: blood streaked sunsets, dance, poetry, whether it really has anything to do with life, or whether it is a trivial thing. It will be my attempt at accepting absurdity, nihilism, and existentialism. It is facing the fact that there is no fate binding me to anything, and I have complete control over what I do. It is that love is not always lost, but sometimes it is. And it is that God doesn't exist.And if he does, he's a cruel SOB.

The basic plot is simple: a girl and her many allies work together to bring down the leader of a terrorist organization that wants to usurp the demon throne, currently held by his twin brother. Each book will focus on a different villain working under the leader. There will be romance, sword fights, magical spells, betrayals, and forgiveness. I really want to protray my characters as vulnerable, because I think that deep down we all are.

Quotes form my book:(c)
"A book continues not, but in the minds of its readers," -Vladimir
"The darkest of people cry clear tears. No one cries in blood," -Vladimir
"I do not believe that I am evil. Broken maybe, but not evil," -Asmodea
“The least I can do is kill my enemies with respect, without hatred. I owe it to them,” -Alexis

Things I like:
Horses (and any variants thereof)
Grammar (Don't ask)
Musicals (specifically Repo!, Les Miserables, Wicked, Sweeney Todd, and Phantom of the Opera)
Robert Downy Jr.
Hugh Jackman
The Avengers
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
JK Rowling

Feel Free to PM me for anything, whether it's a request or just for chatting!

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