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The stories I'm publishing on FictionPress take place on a continent with the Elhnakan Empire at its centre.

The Elhnakan Empire spans across the middle of the large continent. To the north of the Empire lives tribes of Brennish horsemen and beyond their vast steppe lands is the Ice Realm of Intiopaglaton. To the South of the Empire is the arid Vasana Desert and at the Southernmost edge of the continent are the mighty jungle Kingdoms of Joran.

The Ice Realm (Complete)
The Elhnakan Empire seeks to conquer the secluded Ice Realm of Intiopaglaton! The story follows the friendship between the mercenary Nogalen and Crown Prince Laeveros of Elhnaka during the epic campaign.

Steppe Wind (In progress)
The adventures of Nogalen, Derina and the Elhnakan Crown prince Laeveros continues as the winds of war sweep across the steppe.

Fall and Rise (Planned)
The fall of one dynasty and rise of another!

The Palace (Planned)
A young man gets caught up in the Elhnakan Emperor's plan to construct a lavish Summer Palace!

And some historical background which is important in order to understand the stories, so I hope that Fictionpress will forgive and forget

Founding of Elhnaka: Elhnaka Palliste

The Emperors: Amar Alosae

If you want to know more about the world in which the stories take place, including illustrations and maps, I have dedicated a site to it

(Stories, illustrations and maps are available at the Facebook page, under "Photos")

Please feel free to visit!

Best wishes,
Scribe of Elhnaka

The Gods Kingdom by WanderingPen reviews
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