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Name: Samantha

Age: 27

Height: 5'4''

Eyes: Chocolate Brown with a splash of green.

Hair: Dark Brown, with blonde chunks. Sometimes I color the blonde parts Hot Pink. :>

Skin: Olive tone, I tan easily.

Heritage: Black foot Indian, Irish, and German.

Weight: Curvy ;]

Kids: None, and I don't plan on having kids any time soon. My brother has five kids of his own, I think I can manage with three nephews and two nieces. ] I love those kids so much!

Status: Married, to my best friend. I love him so very much.

Favorite Author: Sherlyn Kenyon, she is absolutely "ahhh"mazing!

Favorite Person: My Brother, he makes me laugh all the time. He is 37. :D

Favorite Food: Brussels Sprouts, and stuffed chicken breast. :D I know, I know, I am a weirdo!

Favorite Genre of Movie: Do they make Paranormal Romances? :> hehe.

Favorite pet: Dachshund and Frogs. :D

What I do for fun: Swim, Kick boxing, lay out, write, drawl, read, spending time with my friends, chilling with my handsome man, playing in the yard with my two Dachshunds. :D

What Inspires me when I write: I have a very vivid and complex imagination, when I write, I have no idea what is going to happen next until I start to type. That's why reviews would be so important to me. To feel motivated to want to write more. Its flattering when someone adds you to their favs, or alerts. It means what you are writing, someone is enjoying it. So please, review, alert or fav! It keeps me wanting to write more! ;]

Just for fun

Some random Adam Sandler Quotes:

"Shampoo is better. I go on first and clean the hair. Conditioner is better. I leave the hair silky and smooth!" - Billy Madison in Billy Madison

"Why didn't you just go HOME? That's your HOME! Are you too good for your HOME? ANSWER ME!" - Happy in Happy Gilmore

"Now that's what I call high quality H20." - Robert 'Bobby' Boucher Jr. in The Waterboy

Fictional Hero: Kogame, she has to put with with InuYasha! Although, he is one of my favorite anime characters of all time. I do not watch the English version because his voice is so much better when he is screaming in Japanese, it just has that feel to it. You know? :D

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