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Hi! This profile does not belong to someone with multiple personalities, it belongs to TWO people with multiple personalities (hehe). Or not. I just thought that sounded funny. -Jessicer: It did, considering that we're crazy (thanks for the compliment, Jess.)

Well, in a way, it does belong to two people with multiple personalities because we're both so UNPREDICTABLE that it's predictable for us to be unpredictable! Yay!

Jessicer: May I also add that we're crazy?

Sashalash: No, that couldn't possibly be true.

That was sarcasm*

Anyway, this profile belongs to TWO PEOPLE who are sharing ONE PROFILE on which they will publish stories they co-write.

Why am I writing in 3rd person? I don't know.

Please note that our pen name(s) are not our real names, I really don't know anyone named Sashalash or Jessicer. They are, so to speak, our somewhat nicknames, courtesy of the demented kids in our class (who are still not as insane as we are, apparently).

What we do in our free time: we both thoroughly enjoy outsmarting and/or confusing people in our free time. (In case you haven't noticed, we're best friends.)

Some things we both have in common: we both like writing (well, I do, at least, I'm not sure about my co-writer) (her co-writer: I enjoy wrting I'm just not very good at it) (Yes you are! You're really good at writing, I mean, why are you on this website?), we're both a bit crazy (or a lot) (definitely alot), we both like triumphant giraffes and the Hunger Games (!!!) GO HUNGER GAMES! Well, I mean the book series, not the actual competition (even though the actual competition is fictional). Boo to the Capitol! I remember when our class had a fake hunger games. That was fun. (Remember, Jessicer, it was fake...unfortunately, it didn't have any REAL violence in it. You LOVE violence, don't you?)

That was, er, Sasha(lash) speaking. -I added in my own comments: Jessica/er (So did I! -Sasha[lash])

Some more things we both have in common: (I'm not going to do all the writing, ya know.) I'm waaaiiiitttiiinnnng...

Okay you can stop waiting. This is Jessicer speaking. Hello. How is your llama doing? That's good. Anyway...

Back to things we have in common we're both crazy, we're both in Gifted Education, we're both slowly turning into each other, we both get all A's, we both are creative, we both have good memories, we're both perfectionists, we both like giraffes, and ... well I'm to lazy to type everything. (We also both like finding symbolic meaning in things that nobody else understands. -Sashalash)

I like surfing the internet, playing on my phone, volleyball (which she's really good at), running, dogs, clothes, music, cookies, reading, learning, waterslides, ziplining, leading, problem-solving, creative thinking, pie, origami, nerd websites, glasses, being nerdy, and being awesome. (And Jessicer LOVES violence.)

Sashalash likes baking, cooking, drawing, playing instruments, reading, phfuffernuss (pronounced fuf-er-noo-s) (which I can't spell) (it's spelled pfeffernuss, in case you haven't noticed), almonds, cinnamon, toffee, Nuts (from Catching Fire-tick tock), nuts, trees, batminton (it's spelled badminton, actually) problem-solving, origami, and being awesome.

Sashalash's individual FP account is here: and for some strange reason, she refers to herself as Casey H. on that account. There goes that 3rd person again.

We often think alike. We're just awesome like that.

We hope you were confused by this huge jumble of words, because we LOVE confusing people! *insane laughter*

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