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Hello! My name's Carol and while I may be turning 40 on December 30 (as of this 2012), I still enjoy a good story weather it's books, anime, graphic novels, etc. Perhaps it's because of my wild imagination I've always had.

I do have some original story ideas, but as of now, I haven't had much luck or time in really getting to them. I did have some fanfiction but when my old computer died, they went kaput (except for the ones posted in some of my yahoogroups). Perhaps someday I'll dredge them up and re-work them someday. Lately a lot of my ideas (probably due to reading so much of them) are Fantasy and Sci-Fi or at least Fantasy with Sci-Fi elements to them as well as just pure Fantasy. Eventually I'll get around to them, though they may wind up on AFF net instead if they have Mature content. I'm not talking Romantica/Erotic Romance blow by blow details (while I have no problem reading them, writing them is much more difficult for me), but such topics as Adoption or Surrogate Mothers, Gay Marriage, Permanent Poly relationships, etc. Of course with Fantasy, in another world with other cultures, they probably won't be recognizable as 'modern day earth' topics. *lol*

I'm rather a fan of Fantasy fiction, Sci-Fi, Historical, Romance, Myths and Ledgends, etc. Heck even well written erotica with an actual plot and interesting storyline to it! (g) But Fantasy, Myths, and Romance are my biggest favorits!

I have a wide variety of interests, though Reading is at the very top of the list. I do have interest in Ancient Civilizations and Cultural Anthropology among other interest. I'll just leave it there or I'll start babbling. ;)

My Other sites:




I did have one for Media Miner, but I long ago forgot about the site and lost the password. Have been trying to retrieve it, but no luck so far.

One last thing, while I welcome constructive criticism, flames or negative comments will be deleted. Please see my fanfiction net site for the examples. ;)

Updates on my current project --

To Be Announced.

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this story is a one shot, and it is a tribute to my Mother. The Doctors gave her two years to live, about twenty years before she died. She hung and when people asked how she manged to beat the odds she said, "Heaven doesn't want me, and the Devil is Afraid I'll take over." and so I got to thinking...
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Garnet 3Mpreg:Abandoned on a ship lost in space, for thirteen years Solas has been alone. Until fate sent him Devin. But when you can't understand each other, it's hard to make things work. Brought back to Earth, Solas finds they didn't want the same thin
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Spring Equinox by Darkladyknight reviews
Cole Danner had led a pretty normal life, trying to keep his ranch above the red, while he raised his daughter. But what happens when he finds a beaten boy in his barn, one that has no memory of who he is or where he came from?
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Garnet 2 Mpreg: Lása wanted to be left alone, to go back to Garnet to face the charges for killing his mate. He didn’t expect for Moria to stand up from him, or the council to pardon his crime. Or someone to open his eyes to love and passion.
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NO LONGER UPDATED. In a time and place after near apocalypse, a runaway girl is kidnapped by a pair of strange young men - One a cocky pretty boy, the other a soft-spoken boy with red eyes. This is a tale of love and trouble it can get you into.
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