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In the renaissance men were expected to be scholars, gentlemen, musicians, scientists, artists, and fighters. I chose my user name because I am always trying to be just that, a modern renaissance man. I am currently studying at a university to become a chemical engineer and chemist but that is just the part of what i do. I am a professional musician, actor, jeweler, blacksmith, and magician. This doesn't mean that I am pulling in tons of money but I am very proud of my various abilities. On top of this I am also learning Contact juggling, Contact Staff, juggling, hypnotism, NLP, German, Latin, card manipulation, writing, martial arts, acupressure, and many other things as well. I love to be creative and analytical at the same time whenever I can and I find it gives things an interesting perspective and that is what brought me to this project.

I like to write but most of my fiction is not very well written, but as an engineer I do know how to write scientifically. This project that I am posting on this site is my creative and scientific mind gone wild. It is a world where every person has a super power and it creates a very fascinating and elegant system of balances. In this story I write as a man attempting to explain how all of the different powers work as well as their potentials and limitations. All of the powers in this world are being designed so that they still follow all of the laws and theories of science making a each power a logical and fascinating thing to study. I have been working on this project for several years now and I think that it is ready to have a bit released to the public. I have posted my story here for the simple reason to get feedback and reviews on the material. I want to know what people like, what they don't like, whether my explanations make sense or if I have to improve them further. I absolutely love the world that this simple idea has developed into and I hope to find people that become as excited about it as I do. This posting only includes the intro sections to the super powers and three of the 30 powers. I have posted the Pusher (telekinetic), Atavist (animal shape shifter), and the Emoter (controller of emotions).

PLEASE PLEASE Read and respond. I have created a forum for detailed questions or if you just want to chat about ideas and there is a poll so that I can release more material of the kind that you want to see. I have only posted a small part (roughly 1/3) of my written material as I want to see how people respond to it so again respond in some fashion. If you have specific questions then private message me and I will be sure to respond and possible work the answer to your question into future material. Hope that you enjoy.

For those interested I have just started a blog @ it will be a blog talking about the super powers. I am hoping to start raising publicity now that I have the ideas better formed.

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