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Hello people of fictionpress :)

I really love writing, so I thought I'd post some of my stuff on here to see if its actually any good...since I've only ever really let about two people read it...

So yeah, I'm from Scotland. No, we don't eat haggis and wear kilts all the time. That's only on special occasions. I don't even like haggis. I mean, who would ever genuinely want to eat a sheep's stomach? Who ever thought this would be a good idea? "Oh, I'm hungry, there's a sheep, lets eat its stomach!"

I do however like Irn Bru. And tablet ice cream. Seriously, if you ever get the chance, buy these wee beauties and try them for yourself. You'll understand why I felt the need to mention them in my profile.

So, I really hope you like my stories! It means a lot knowing that people have taken the time out to read them, and maybe even review. I love a review. Its probably the only email I actually like getting...or the only email I get full stop...but yeah, they're just brilliant.

OK, I'll stop rambling now and let you continue scrolling through fictionpress.

Have fun! :)

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Somewhere Only We Know by Mlae reviews
Kaylee has spent the past year recovering from an event that shocked her entire world, making her introverted, panicky and unable to trust or love to her full potential. Can the popular boy next door solve all her problems and teach her how to trust and love again? (note: contains sexual scenes)
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Cassidy Mackenzie is the fangirling grade Nazi. Tyler Wells is the hot jerk with a compelling bad boy vibe. When Cassidy is assigned as his tutor she becomes witness to a different side of him. Confused by his temperamental attitude and mysterious ways, she sets out to break him open. But breaking him open concludes in being wrapped up in a scary world of impossibilities.
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Driven insane by events in his past, Duncan Arlong has been locked away for ten years after committing a horrendous crimes.When a beautiful woman visits him in prison, her kind eyes make his madness subside and tames the beast within him, but her effect on him pushes Duncan towards the woman that made him mad in the first place! Who will Duncan choose when in the presence of both?
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Iris reviews
In a world where class is defined by eye colour, nothing is easy. With one blue and one brown eye, Carmen must deal with the struggles that come along with being a defect. Left orphaned and friendless, she finds Iris, an underground organisation with two goals; staying alive and taking down the government. And nothing will stop her from achieving those goals. Or so she thought.
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The Big Bad Wolfe reviews
Isla knows that Jayden Wolfe is bad news. Her friends-and boyfriend-have made her more than aware of this. But is he the fight starting, heart breaking thug that everyone says he is? Isla isn't so sure. So what happens when the secrets she finds are much darker than she ever expected? And when she discovers that she is the only is the only one who can save him from his past?
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