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Hey, everyone!

I am a writer and college student based near Seattle, WA and I love to write almost any genre of novel that I can think of. I am also a founding member and officer of my school's new Writers' Circle, so I'm also getting better and helping others with editing and forming their ideas. I'm actually a photography student (and working on my AA) because I think that a writer should know about many different things (and if possible, how to do them) to get a better perspective on the different lifestyles each character might have.

My strength in writing (as mentioned by my fellow club members) seems to be in dialogue, and much of my novels' plot lines are centered around romance, relationships and friendships. That being said, I also throw some comedy and tragedy into the lives of my characters before things start to get too cliche. I tend to like writing in the genre of fantasy, but I also work on stories that are a little more "real world".

I actually have several projects that I'm working on right now:

1. My main project in the long-run is called 'The Series of Broken People' and it follows different characters in the same world where anything and everything exists (be it aliens, pirates, shape-shifters, werewolves, or magic-users) and tells the interlocking stories of the people who would eventually leaders of their own kind, each in their own way through eight different books. (I'm also considering a second series set after the events of the first.)

2. Romance of a Fantast is one of my focuses at the moment. A Fantast is someone who has unreasonable daydreams, and I find that the title suits the main character, Mitsuki, quite well. The story is set at Akatsuki Academy, a school for intellectuals and people money, where the most popular girl in school is also the top student...and the most out of control. I hope to finish writing and editing this novel before the end of the year, for self-publishing.

3. The Taste of a Throne takes the Greek gods and myths and makes them modern...and formerly mortal. The book mainly follows Elizabeth from being just a girl that helped the cops catch criminals, to being the girl that Athena chose to take her place as the goddess of war. But there's a secret in Elizabeth's past that not even she knows about, and it seems that her butler has some secrets of his own. Of course, the butler always does.

I...also have many more, but this is what happens to be going on with me right now. Oh, and my pen-name is MitsukiNori, of course. It is taken from the name of Romance of a Fantast' main character, "Mitsuki Hannori".

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