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"Hey there! The name's Hotaru and I'm absolutely flawless"

Anybody who can catch my references are automatically my best friends. Believe me, there will be many so keep your eyes peeled ;)

Questions I commonly get:

Just who the hell are you and why are you so annoying?
Why honey, I'm the next greatest Fire-type trainer!

You didn't answer my question, why are you so annoying?
Because I (along with my very blond friend Naruto) are the Japanese equivalent to Dennis the Menace!

What's your actual name?
I already told you! I'm Hotaru and I'm absolutely-*shot*

I'm getting impatient! Answer the damn question!
Well excuuuse me Princess! You can call me Hotaru or my nickname in reality: Uchiha Reject.

Why the hell are you called Uchiha Reject?
B-Because, I look like an Uchiha but I have the attitude of Naruto Uzumaki!

So you have pitch black hair, extreme pale skin and dull onyx eyes?
Pretty much! Except the eyes, my eyes are a really muddy brown color that looks way too close to black for comfort.

How old are you?
I'm not legal if that's what you're asking.

Where do you live?
Eek, pedobear's searching for me again I see. I live in the magical world of Johto! Nope, still not a good enough answer for you?

...Fine, Canada.

Are you a fan of anime?
Yep, not crazy though. I'm more Marvel-orientated.

What do you fangirl over?
Hun, the question is who, not what.

Fine then, who do you fangirl over?
Get your notepad, I'm about to squeal like Ms. Piggy! *clears throat* Uryū Ishida, Neji Hyūga, Gray Fullbuster, Roy Mustang (Boi, I'll join your miniskirt army anytime), Portgas D. Ace, Kyoya Ootori, Bankotsu, Sebastian Michaelis, Ikuto Tsukiyomi, AND Son Gohan. Do you know what all of them have in common?

They all have black (or close to black) hair! I LOVE THEM!

Out of that very long (and stupid) list, who's your favorite?
Son Gohan! I fell in love with him during his battle with Super Buu ("Fight you? No, I wanna kill you.") and then fangirled for him ever since. It's been so many years! *Flips off readers* And if any of you try to tell me you're his number one fan, I will find you and I will kill you!

Why are you writing here?
Because I love to *twirls*

Are you normal?
Well, my best friend is a freaky sadist, her sister is a hardcore emo, my older brother is a pervert and he faps to hentai every night, preventing me from sleep (I KNOW IT.), my younger brother is evil and I'm known as 'Uchiha Reject', I'd say I turned out very normal :D

Favorite anime?
Fairy Tail and One Piece!

Favorite manga?
One Piece!

Alright, and one more thing? Do you even lift?
I haz lift, fite me in rl.

I can't draw for shit so keep that in mind when I begin working on major projects. Uhh, bases are the only things I use *sheepish grin* so if I were to redirect you to an image, it would be on my dA account :P

Personal Information

Name: Hotaru

Age: Older than 1 and younger than 9000 :P

Country: Canada (And for the record, I don't live in an igloo, nor do I eat everything with maple syrup or say 'Eh?') Well, maybe...

Favorite Movie: 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant. Oh gawd, I friggin' loooove this movie. I've seen it over 5 times and I just love everything about it =v=

Favorite T.V. Show: Avatar: The Legend Of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender (Bolin and Zukoooo!)

Favorite Anime: One Piece and Fruits Basket.

Favorite Book: Uhmm, Game of Thrones series. It's pretty good.

Y'all should drop by and check out my apprentice, Agent Isabelle. She's posting here now. Taanks.

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