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My name is Anubias I am a 13 year old Cuban male and I love reading and writing so when I found out about this sight i signed up right away

I mainly like fantasy,myth and science fiction stories so as you imagine that's all i write about

I am currently working on a fantasy story called The Monzy Chronicles it centers around a girl who gets trapped in a strange new world filled with amazing and strange creatures, when you get a chance check it out

More about me: I'm from Cuba, My favorite show currently is Adventure Time, My favorite Disney character and Disney movie is Stitch, I love Marine Biology, I consider myself to be intelligent, I hate popular people in general( Popular as in "The in crowd") I dislike people repeating instructions given to me, I am 13(14 in March) Years old, My favorite subject I's writing ( Duh), I LOVE reading, My favorite book series is the Gone series and The Kane Chronicles, My favorite song is high school never ends by bowling for soup(don' t judge), I AM A BOY, I Hate people who are obsessed with Y.O.L.O and that stuff, I am sometimes a bit of a hypocrite, I like WWE ( yes I know it's fake), I Love Pokemon,I like mythology especially if it' s Egyptian, I love the Total Drama series, I love Soul Calibur, I like weapons, I am occasionally depressed for no reason what's so ever, I honestly think this generation is doomed as far as the children of this nation, My friends sometimes refer to me as the human dictionary because I know a lot more words then the average person, I love animals, I am the only BOY of all my father's children being raised with about 4 girls,I have become an insomniac so don't be surprised if you see me update in the middle of the night, I am sometimes random at the weirdest moments, I like pasta, My stereotype per say is "The kid whom everybody copies off of, That's about it review people review

The Monzy Chronicles reviews
A girl named Layla who is troubled at home stumbles into a strange world called Monzy Land. Where a war is brewing can she and some of the other creatures win or will Alyal and the 7 dictators beat them and take over Monzy Land forever.T for some bad language and mature themes. Please Review I need all the help I can get
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 16,773 - Reviews: 10 - Updated: 5/15/2013 - Published: 6/18/2012