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I am a girl. I am currently 16. My birthday is in July. I don't have a Facebook, and probably never will. I like soccer and martial arts. I play the violin. I am a sophmore in High School. I have dreams about death almost every night, but apparently that's a good thing. I am both hyper and low-key. I have very good friends. I don't like my school's computers. I love school. I am a christian. Yes, I belive in God. I love a good challenge. I have a sense of humor that no one but myself understands. I am fascinated by psychology. I read at a college level. (My parents say I do, anyway.) I like waterfalls and the ocean. I am an amateur sculptor. I am prone to rambling.

My friends and I are very, very close. We've known each other for years and the longest peoiod of time that any of us have been mad each other is less than 48 hours. It's kind of wierd, but even though I'm one of the youngest, I'm the peacekeeper, the one who always knows how to diffuse an argument. I also am the entirety of our bravery. My boyfriend of over a year is one of these friends. I'm not a social butterfly, but immedeately know if I could be friends with a person.

I'm strangely invulnerable to injry and illness. (not invincible, though)

I'm 5 feet 7 inches tall. My eyes are a really dark greenish-brown, but are more brown when I am happy and relaxed and deep green when I am upset or angry. Yes, my eyes visibly change color. I'm not kidding. My hair is a light brown with streaks of blond and darker brown. Yes, that's my natural hair color. I don't have the desire to dye my hair at all.

Favorite Comeback of All Time: (Look up innocently like you just noticed them) I'm sorry, were you trying to insult me?

Random Bits of Wisdom

1. If you aren't having fun and no one in charge told you to, why the heck are you doing it?

2. If you can't think of anyone to blame, chances are it's your fault.

3. If I was going to do it, trust me, I would have already taken initiative.

4. You're only as angry as you want to be.

5. If you knew everything, you'd know that no one can know everything.

6. Don't question someone's actions, question their morals.

7. Don't like my advice, don't take it.

8. A good way to kill an argument is to start talking about something completely different. If that argument was somehow important, it'll come up again in the next few minutes.

9. Everyone dies for a reason. Make it a good one.

10. Trying to be a good person is the same as being a good person.

11. Reality TV sure isn't my idea of reality. So I ignore it.

12. You'll have a good idea of the world around you if you observe the world around you.

13. Respect other people's fears. Yours may be just as stupid.

14. There's a reason for everything. Try to find it.

15. Love can't happen at first sight. You have to actually know the person first.

16. Death isn't painful because of the actual death. It's because of the people you leave behind, however slowly.

17. When in doubt, blame the government.

18. It can always be worse. Sci-fi horror movies could be true.

19. If you can’t say what you mean, at least mean what you can say.

20. A utopia is unattainable, because everyone has conflicting views of perfect.

21. Say what you belive in. Then prove what you belive in.

22. Love has everything to do with it, even when we wish it wasn't.

23. The world isn't always what changes. Sometimes it's just the way you see the world that changes.

24. Anger is the foreshock to regret.

25. Comforting is just another way to describe offerings of love and protection.

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