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Besotted Glory: A fantasy novel to start a series.

On the world of Onnythma, there are two races- humans, of course, and the collection of creatures known as 'rievens'. And these two races couldn't be any more different. Humans are believers in a pantheon of gods, lovers of art and expression, and wielders of magic. Other than that, they are no different from you or me. But rievens, on the other hand, are athiestic, emotionless, and technologically advanced. All that matters to them is glory and honor, above all else. Who is the best at fighting? Who is the supreme strategist? How do you serve your people while making a name for yourself? This is all that matters. That, and being superior to the humans, thanks to their species-specific attributes, of which every rieven possesses, be they the winged Raviac; the clever clawed-and-tailed Murriundu; the fiery Ruesh; the aquatic and alien Zin; or the rare, demonic, and much-hated Screed.

These differences led to strife, and eventually war. After years of blood and fighting, the humans won out due to sheer numbers and, defeated, the rievens retreated to a cluster of islands unknown to the humans, which they called Elysium. It was on these islands that they became exiled, and hid away for many long years. For the humans, rievens became myth and legend. But for the rievens, defeat is a bitter sting, no matter how long ago, and they hunger for revenge. Time has been used to marshal forces and develop new technologies. As Saphiel's story begins, war is again on the verge of outbreak.

The rievens have begun fighting along the coast, laying claim again to human territory and winning battles. Saphiel, youngest son of the Swordmaster, dreams of going into battle and making a name for himself like his famous older brother, a much-beloved Ruesh. But as a Screed, he is despised by the general population- only by bringing glory to his name can he hope to undo the damage of what he is. With the help of his only friend and fellow outcast, Riol, he wants to show the rest that he is no different from them.

His chance comes when an important figure, the Planmaster, goes missing on a routine mission in the human realms. Saphiel's brother volunteers him for the job of searching him out, and Saphiel leaps at the chance, despite Riol's worries. But what he doesn't know is that there are more forces at work than he could ever hope to know. People desperate for him to succeed, and people who desire his failure - and even those who want them both dead - and a prophecy that could spell a new beginning or a horrible end to all of the rieven people.

Along the way, Saphiel will begin to question everything he ever knew. What is the cost of glory? Does what you are define who you are? What is the value of friendship and brotherhood? And most of all, will he even make it out of all of this alive? Find out in Besotted Glory, an Onnythma Chronicles novel.

To be written during Nanowrimo 2013

Onnythma Chronicles

On the world of Onnythma, there are two races- humans, and rievens. As different as black and white, hot and cold. Or so most would think, based off of the decade of war between the rievens and the humans that rages with a genocidal fury. But, of course, nothing is ever as it seems...

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