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I'm Shiniko.

I enjoy reading and writing, I've been a part of for several years and decided to try my hand at writing my own personal stories. So I hope you all enjoy it.

Despite being straight, I do love writing and reading shounen ai fics, and I've taken to writing side pairings for shoujo-ai as well. I believe love comes in every race, gender, size, whatever, and shouldn't be discriminated because some people don't approve of it. I have friends who love their own gender, and they seem more happy and content with each other then those who are in a het pairing.

I've noticed a lot of authors ussual have females as the main characters and they tend to get boring. especially when you are able to predict what will happen. Girl is weak, girl meets hott boy, girl falls in love with hott boy, boy protects girl from her enemies, and they live happily ever after. I think not, it frustrates me that most stories are like that, which is most likely why I started reading yaoi fics.

My upcoming fics are:

Nevaeh - Six friends who knew nothing about their supernatural background is about to be tossed into a world they knew nothing about, to fight the darkness that plagues it and restore the war torn world to it's former glory. Can they succeed?

The promise of a lifetime- Lifetime of promises were taken from us when he was murdered and my life was forever changed. Curse to a life of immortality and misery, I wait for the day where I can be reunited with him, but will that day ever come. One thousand years is a long time after all.

A forgotten past- He was taken from paradise and reborn into a world too cruel for him. His past lover wants nothing but to make those who have hurt him in his new life pay.

The Sweetest dreams- Tired of how his life was going, Axel jumps off the bridge of somnium, thinking it would be over, only to awaken to a world far different from his own, but here he wasn't ignored, abused or neglected. He had friends and couples willing to care for him. But, dreams can only last so long. Can Axel keep his happy ever after, or will it be taken from him?