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Well for starters i'm 21 and i love to write. writing to me is away to clear your mind and think of what would happen if this was my life or someone else's life. Writing to me mean a lot because though my spelling isn't that good it helps to try and learn how to spell most words that i'm not use to. I also love reading. If their were no books i don't know what i would do. i have one baby kitten and one dog who i love the most.

movies that i could watch all Day

1. spirited away

2. red riding hood

3. twilight movies

4. the covenant

5. step up movies (All)

Books i could read all day:

1. twilight

2. sweep books

3. immortal beloved (all)

4. The Mortal Instruments

5. vampire academy

6. fallen (All)

7. hush hush (all)

and i listen to a lot of music and it doesn't matter what i listen to as along as its good. :) that all about me for now


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The Barbaric Adventures of Dubstep and Toaster Strudels by RavensCan'tFly reviews
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A toxic dream that rushes you into consciousness. Seeing shadows lingering, haunting the corners of your eyes...Just a little something I felt like writing after reading The Diviners by Libba Bray. In my head as i was typing this, Rex had some kind of Australian accent, Dune had an Irish/Scottish accent, and Tavi was plain ol' UK. As for their species, mayhaps darkfae/demon mix...
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Halloween night draws near, that will be the night to show them. To show them all.
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A world under the oppresive thumb of an ancient emperor. Magic and intelligence are valued above anything else. On the surface, it looks perfect, but all is not as it seems. Deep in the forest, a rebellion stirs, aimed at bringing down the Empire. Rated T for the moment, may change later.
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Tracker by FantasySensation reviews
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Calla reviews
The wolves and keepers have been waiting for a long time for the protectors. Finally a group of them comes and yet the head protector has a few secrets and a past that comes up all to fast. yet the head protector is also in danger for a dark lord wants her for himself. Will Calla decide what path to go one or will this dark lord forces her to take a path she does not want.
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