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Wow, I just realized it had been more than two years since I updated this bio. Time I reigned in my laziness.:)

I am a girl, age 18 and living in Texas and heading off to college in Florida in the fall. I've been telling stories since I was six. I used to walk around on the backs of my house's couches, speaking my stories out loud. Now that I think about it, I must have looked regularly insane. Anyway, I love reading. Some books I like include the Harry Potter series, anything by Terry Pratchett (genius, absolute genius), anything by Phillip Pullman (also genius), the Lord of the Rings series by J.R. Tolkein (also, also genius), and a few of Anne Rice's works (but not all).

I enjoy the "good old" books, too. Jane Austen is a favorite author, as well as Edgar Allen Poe, L.M Montgomery and Shakespeare
(yeah, I know, what a typical "I want to sound intellectual" answer,
but I can't help it, I really enjoy his plays.) Some other favorite old
books include "David Copperfield", "Great Expectations", and "The
Phantom of the Opera." Oh yeah, and "Lorna Doone". NOT.Hahaha.. sorry,
but I really don't like that book

I also love historical stuff. Yes, I'm a proud Discovery Channel
junkie, as well as a reading whore. There's really no hope for me at

So, if you didn't know by now, I am definitely a confirmed
geek. I hope to be a writer, though I have been warned by countless
people that writers make no money and that I should think of a real
job. (Honestly, did they really figure I was wanting to be a writer for
the money? That woudl be pretty stupid...) Anyway, I hope that I will
be good enough I can do writing as my "real" job, but we will just have
to see..

To anyone who made it through this incredibly long bio: You have way to much free time!:D

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A Fairytale In Reality reviews
Ch. 3 up! A mixing of fantasy with reality that strangely, doesn't result in bad poetry. From the most successful doctor down to the fast-food employee, we all have roles to fulfill in life. What happens when that role is chosen for you?
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