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Rocky here. Let's get a few things straight...this is MY fanfiction net account! MINE!!! I'm the one that updates this page and I'm the one that leaves the reviews on other people's fanfics. It's MINE MINE MINE!!! Even though CG's fics greatly outnumber my fics...

No...I don't have pocession issues...

Hahahaha, well I started this account and then after awhile, I told my friend CG she needs to start her own account. She didn't... because she was a wuss... But I like her fanfics so much, I told her I'd post them for her. Now we're both too lazy to get CG a new we don't want to lose her reviews. If I lost CG's reviews, CG has told me she will call me up on the phone every single night and annoy me. She will too...stupid free military phone she has...

Anyhow, CG and I are both hugh Slayers fans and love to write humor stories. Slayers is a comedy after all.

The homepage mentioned is CG's wonderful and humorous Slayers site. Full of toons and home of her epic "LEGAND OF LINA" fanfic. If you are looking for that fic, go to her site because there is no way I am uploading that 80+ chapter fanfic here!

The 'aol IM' is actually my site full of my doujinshi collection. Mostly Gourrina.

Enjoy the fics!

Oh and CG is saying she is holding Xelloss hostage and will continue to do so until she gets reviews.
CG: That's right fangirls! Review or the fruit gets it!
Xel: I'm too cute to die!