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update: 18/07/2013

Just conked out six pages to complete a chapter, a little shorter than the previous due to continuity dragging on. don't worry you won't miss out on any fights, those will come in the next chapter, it looks like chapter three is going to be packing a serious punch but don't worry it should only take a week and a half at worst.

update: 16/07/2013

Been a while i know but i have good news, beginning today i will try to keep up to date on what is happening though my keyboard i a little wonky so it's been difficult getting the writing done, suffice to say though i am just about done the first draft of chapter two of the second book so look for it by the end of the week.

update: 12/04/2013

halfway through writing the synopsis of the next book, Fall to Greatness: Operation Centurion, over ten thousand words so far. this story will be much more eye opening than the last, as James finally sees what he is up against. the new character will play a secondary role in the book and shows off the next generation of project fallen angel. where first generation subjects were given state of the art augmentations and virtual reality training, the second generation will focus on physical superiority and extended training in the simulation pod. what effect it will have on the subjects is anyone's guess.

update: 25/03/2013

updated story is live and ready to be read, last three sections were edited but were mostly streamlined, hiether development is taking a back seat whilst i figure out what to do with him. overall it is near completion.

update: 24/03/2013

right of the bat i'd like to say that i'm sorry for the delays, i've been helping with renovations on the home front and have spent the last little while working on catching up with homework that has pilled up. almost done the final version of the book. will have to add hiethers involvment later, i have a new project that i want to try out.

update: 17/03/2013

Ok, let me just say that section five had ballooned in size, seriously, the day is still young and it's already a thousand extra words long.

- Kim Meets Alison and her knew enhancements, with the help of the team they kick some final ass and get out of the city.

- New part 2 is released, extra thousand words of content plus tons of grammatical fixes and some much needed detail. stay tuned for part 3 coming out on 19th of march. sooo... Tuesday. Just a normal Tuesday, no special occasion.

EDIT2: Finished section 5, over 24,600 words for your enjoyment. now onto part 6, ugh. No rest for the wicked.

update: 16/03/2013

Things are going well with the re-edit, at part 5 of the book and even then near the end, i have a feeling (that tonights gonna be a good night!) that this part is going to need a serious edit to make it coheint. wrote it after an all nighter so the writting style is a little off.

despite better judgment i will be releasing a new version of part 1 as a teaser for things to come. i will release part 2 on St. Patrick's day, no there will not be bear, there will be guns, which are better. period.

edit: The PAGES! they. Never. Stop. Coming. I'm up to 21,000 words for part 5 alone, if you liked the African mission you're in luck, it's been expanded hugely to include more detail and extra

update: 12/03/2013

Sorry for both lack of updates and no content, i'm releasing the whole package to keep up consistency thought that plan is falling apart now, i'll be releasing a new segment for the first part tomorrow at 12. the new content as of now is as follows

- Ben, Brandon, and kim find some interesting things when they hack into the simulation chamber server

- Major Nectal used to be a general? what happened?

- James and Sara develop more as a couple so their relationship isn't as much of a stretch (spoiler)

- more to come

EDIT: did the maths on the time inside the simulation. the ratio is 720 simulation seconds for every second real time. AKA one hour in the simulation is thirty days.

update: 06/03/2013

been a while i know, i'm doing a massive detail add-on inspired by lord of the rings. expect at least a ten thousand word boost across the book if not more. my goal is to crack 100 000 words to get into the top bracket of fiction press. also to give the book more detail and backstory. many faces will tell their story, what was Mark's history? was Kim just a geek? And we will see exactly WHY Tana was brought to the facility. If possible I'd like to leave Drake's history closed until the second book along with the mysterious boy from the second chapter, the one who survived GPS treatment, he'll finally be realized in the second book (Fall to Greatness: Canadian Incursion).

the Shadowy Adam Hiether, President for life of the WHC finally has the curtain drawn back on his rise to power. this is without a doubt the biggest update to FTG since it was finished.

Update: 27/02/2013

sorry to leave everyone in the dark for a bit, been working on the final version of Fall to Greatness whose ETA is about a week. after that i'll continue with titans before a storm and finally i will touch on older content. most likely planet larp. Metal and Man was an assignment that i though was good enough to warrant being published. see ya'll soon.

update: 18/02/2013

Working on what to add to the book, personally i think I've stuffed it with as much action as is acceptable in a novel of its length. I will be adding more concrete plot points in the novel in order to cement my ideas and make them more defined. will look forward to how people feel about the changes, expect the the edits to appear near the end of the week.

edit: have decided to add a first person prologue from the perspective of James as if talking about it after the fact, i will see how well it blends with the story.

re-edit: forget about that prologue, it's shit.

edit: since i'm on the internet and people on the internet seem to have this idea that people listen to the crap they say i figure i'll give it a shot. While what i'm saying is like north korea looking at the NASA and saying it's shit i must confess i'm not a fan of Margret Atwood at all. Hell some of the stuff she writes i think are just passive aggressive feminist works. This is almost certainly the pot calling the kettle black but her political views are brutally present in the novels she writes and few of the characters are, in my opinion, worth investing emotions in. the males are all misogynists and painfully right wing, she depicts young boys as hormonal animals and young girls as hapless victims of misogyny. adults are no better, i should point out now that i am NOT a misogynist but do take offence at anti male content. It isn't our fault previous generations were assholes, i personally have done nothing to warrant being depicted as an evil man. anyways there we go, now that i've got that out of the way i would like to say that i recognize the irony with my staunch anti globalism and anti right writing style.

update: 16/02/2013

named all the chapters and added a scene in chapter two that tells the story of the drug psycho and well as numerous changes through the story.

update: 14/02/2013

sorry for lack of updates, just finished naming chapters but have been possessed by a beautiful visual novel "Katawa Shoujo" i highly recommend trying it.

update: 13/02/2013

Beginning work on the second novel in the fall to greatness series. PM me with recommendations for the plot. so far this is what i have

James and team is sent to china to make the country unstable enough for WHC to invade. Tommy is stuck in a guerrilla war with Mexican militia. james encounters a Chinese female soldier from a Chinese version of the fallen angel program. through digging in her memory they find out that the soldier was in a similar situation to them and after curing the brainwashing she joins their cause. eventually they find out that there are similar projects all over the world in every major superpower. they decide to abandon their missions and declare they will spark a war that will crush every major superpower so that new nations could emerge.

update: 11/02/2013

Added a few segments, improved the transition between chapters 1 and 2, changed Mark's drive in the african simulation, extended Sara's flash back and changed her back story to be less cliche. minor edits as well

update: 26/01/2013

well may i just say that i'm glade the maya were wrong? anyways going to be uploading tons of new content, probably over five stories at diffrent stages of progress, mostly older work and not as good but still worth a read, mike is as far as i know still bobbing around in the water.

update 28/01/2013

just like to say that i would greatly appreciate it if anyone left a review, i can't fix it if you don't post it. thanks

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A virus is turning people into part beast and part man. No one knows how it is transmitted. No one knows where it came from or if there is a cure. all that is known is there are beasts that were once our friends and family. it effects the rich, the poor, no one is safe. How will we treat these creatures? will we hunt them? segregate them? or hope in vain for a cure?
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