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Author has written 2 stories for Love, and Spiritual.

Name: Elizabeth Parker "Izzy"

Age: 19

I have brown eyes, and slightly reddish brown-blonde hair. I am going to dye my hair a darker reddish brown at some point though

I love animals :D my favorite animal is the wolf, lone or pack version fits with me

I am possibly bi-polar (told this by a nurse) and possible signs of this is that I go through spells of creativity, hyperactivity, generally very happy acting, and where I barely sleep and spells where I have absolutely no creativity, get really depressed (though I usually hide behind a happy mask with people), and where all I do is sleep and I'm still tired.

I love psychology, and focus a lot of my time on people-watching. I just hate that I'm there. I would love to watch people all the time, when I'm not around so that I'm not an influencing factor and see how they act. Sounds mildly creepy here, but it fascinates me.

I'm actually majoring in Pre-Law right now, though I doubt that it ever goes anywhere. I hate politics, so I don't really know why I'm in the legal field. Really I just want a degree so that I can have better luck getting a better job.

But even so, I'm probably going to turn into a wanderer as soon as I get a car, because I get so restless and I've had the dream of going somewhere where absolutely nobody knows who I am and having a completely blank slate. I guess I would like to make the people in my life wonder about me some, just because they expect me to be the seemingly happy all the time girl they always see.

I do have friend who's actually realizes that I'm not what I appear to be, but I think that's only because he's like that too. He shifts his personality, at least a little bit at a time, depending on who he's around. He's been my greatest challenge in psychology reading too, because of his shifting personality, so I don't which one is the most real him. I'm thinking they are all the real him, because he's so varied. He's an eye-reader, I'm a face-reader. He uses my evaluations of people to decide how to react to people he doesn't know because apparently, I have "a deep understanding of people's natures." He didn't say this directly but more or less through a story xD Anyway, I'm actually in love with this friend, but can't have him, because he loves another, and even if he did, there's a lot of complications that would prevent us being together.

Anyway, Please read and review!! I really need feedback to know how I'm doing, especially with poetry as I'm brand new to poetry writing.

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