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I'm an author (obviously) who likes humor/romance/mystery/fantasy! I'm proud to say I am indeed Canadian and GO TEAM CANADA!! If anyone has watched Hetalia: Axis Powers, I am a proud fan of Matthew Williams! Even though he may have a ghostly appearance (like Kuroko-kun from Kuroko no Basuke/The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays), he still is pretty cool. I think he's like that because Canada is considered a young country. In that particular anime, America and Canada are twins. America is very loud and loves eating hamburgers while Canada is extremely shy and quiet. かわいいですねえ! However, I do not understand why some people ship them together... Wouldn't that be classified as twincest?... o.o

By the way, I will not be updating in a while because I am on vacation as of this moment. I deeply apologize for all my readers who are waiting for the next chapters of any incomplete stories. I'll be back around 2014, so don't worry. (Unless I mysterious get murdered, then, there is nothing I can do) Perhaps even earlier on the last week of December if I have any free time. x)

Does anyone out there who also loves anime/manga as much as me?! Any anime/manga suggestions? Currently, I am watching Darker than Black - as I like to call the Electric Anime Batman - and it's pretty good! At first, I watched the abridged/parody series on YouTube. Just for laughs. I don't mean to be mainstream, but, Hei is my favorite character so far. I am only on episode five and there must be more characters awaiting to make their own appearance! :) I must admit though, November 11 has a cool aura. Yeah, I know that this anime show is kinda old... As the saying goes, old but gold.

Dreamland Character Profiles. . .

Age: 16
Birthday: April 6, 1997
Height: 5 foot 5
Eye Colour: Gray
Hair Colour: Black
Relatives: Adelyn Chung (mother), James Tate (father), Axel Tate (older brother)

Age: 18
Birthday: November 22
Height: 5 foot 11
Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour: White with bangs
Relatives: Serena Droith (mother), Shadow Lord Azazel (father), Lilith Shadow (older sister)

Age: 17
Birthday: September 3
Height: 5 foot 4
Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour: White with gray tips
Relatives: Serena Droith (mother), Shadow Lord Azazel (father), Hisoka Shadow (older sister)

Age: 16
Birthday: February 13, 1997
Height: 5 foot 4
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Relatives: Quinn Thatcher (mother), Percy Graham (father), Hunter Choi (cousin)

Age: 16
Birthday: October 31, 1997
Height: 5 foot 10
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Relatives: Eleanor Thatcher (mother), Xander Choi (father), Candice Graham (cousin)



- regular blue jeans
- black high tops
- any shirt, she doesn't really care that much
- any hoodie
- always wears a watch on her left wrist and earrings
- hair is normally worn down, during special occasions it is either braided, put in a neat bun, or fixed into a high ponytail


- always wears a hooded black cloak
- black pants
- black shoes
- hair is naturally straight and is never fixed
- when he still lived in the palace, his white hair was longer (past his shoulders)


- either leggings, skinny jeans, or skirts
- stylish shirt or sweater from a well known brand
- Converse or boots
- loves wearing long chain necklaces with stud earrings
- hair is normally worn down, a strand of hair braided on one side and held with a clip


- baggy jeans
- any hoodie
- high tops or runners
- loves gelling his hair up
- sport T-shirt
- wants to get his ear pierced, but his parents won't allow him to

Short Story of the Week/Month/Year: Switched

When I woke up, I knew something was wrong. And how exactly did I know? The bed sheets I was currently underneath were a shade of dark red. Now that doesn't sound that terrifying to any other person. But, it is. Especially when you know that your bed is actually navy blue located near the window. But, no, this bed was in the middle of a foreign room. Maroon walls surrounded me instead of the usual plain white. Did some girl get me drunk last night?

I literally jumped off of the strange bed while shouting, "Holy crap! Where the hell am I?!"

Ripping the bed sheets off, I realized I was the only one sleeping there. In relief, I lightly chuckled and inspected the place. There was an Xbox One in the corner, a small bookshelf stacked with various video games, and a closet. Then, my eyes caught a photograph on top of a desk. A very familiar one. Isn't that my friend's mom? Isn't that-

Out of the blue, the door swung open and I almost jumped in surprise. Have I been discovered? This is definitely not my home so how will the residents react when they find me? Mentally, I prepared myself for the worst.

A middle aged woman with straight red hair motherly smiled at me and said in a very strong accent, "Well, this is a first! Blake, you normally sleep until eight but here you are awake at 7:30 AM! I'm so proud of you, sweetie."

It took exactly five seconds to process the information the proud/surprised in a good way lady just said. I am not Blake... That is my idiotic best friend. My name is William... William Adams. William Carter Adams! My mother is a defense lawyer, not this lady. She does not seem surprised by my appearance. Perhaps she's under the delusion that I am her son?

I faked a sheepish smile. "Yeah, um, I decided to give the alarm clock a try, mom."

"I'm impressed," she laughed, then tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, "I have to go to work now. You know how difficult it is to pay the rent nowadays... Bye, Blake! Have fun at school!"

I managed to say bye back as I watched the woman noisily sprint downstairs. If I did not know better, I would have thought that she tripped on that last step. The sound of the door being shut reached my perked ears. Once I was certain she left the house, an exasperated sigh escaped my lips. I knew exactly what happened now and it is definitely not pleasant. Damn this big mouth of mine...

"Your life seems so easy compared to mine, Will!" My best friend - Blake - protested as I laughed.

I raised an eyebrow. "What makes you say that?"

"First of all, your family is practically perfect! I've always wanted to have an older bro. You also get the most tastiest lunches ever and you're filthy rich! Admit it, if your dad owns a car company and your mom's a lawyer, you gotta be wealthy," he explained.

I sighed. "Nobody's perfect. You realize that, right?"

Stubborn as usual, the red head shook his head, "Seriously, Will, you are nearly perfection. I wish me was you!"

I burst out laughing. "That didn't even make sense! Nice grammar you got there."

Blake glared at me and I shut up. "Let me rephrase that into something else. I wish I could live your life. You know what I mean?"

"Only you would wish for something like that," I smirked, "if you haven't realized yet, my life is not as perfect as it seems... But, honestly... I am curious what your life is like too."

He started to randomly use exaggerated hand gestures and pointed at me, "Abracadabra! You're now me, Blake!"

I rolled my eyes. "You only wish. Stop with the magic tricks already, we're gonna be late for English."

How is this even possible?! I sprinted to the nearest mirror and couldn't believe what I saw. There, in front of me, was Blake with the exception of me somehow stuck inside. I felt shorter since he was only 5'8" and I was 5'11". This red hair is gonna take a bit of time getting used to looking at. As I peered closer at my reflection, I realized his-my hair was orangey-red. Not fiery red. Wide hazel eyes stared back at me instead of familiar dark brown eyes. When I was still "myself", I had messy brown hair, dark brown eyes, and fairly tan skin. Blake, on the other hand, had orangey-red spiky hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. It was still only 7:38 and school started in about an hour. Where does this punk keep his cell phone? Maybe I can give him or technically me a call! I searched in his bedroom and found it charging in an outlet near his window.

I grinned but my victory didn't last long. There was a password blocking me from accessing his phone. Damn, so close yet so far. Even the red head idiot remembered to add a password block. Blake must be having the same problem with my phone... If he even bothered to find it like me. My growling stomach interrupted my deep thoughts. Silently, I checked out the bathroom and washed my face. Normally, I change into the clothes I wear to school after. Let's hope this kid has a decent taste in clothes. I swung open the closet doors.

It was a huge mess in there. I would not be surprised if a legitimate tornado actually tore its way inside, causing havoc. Now I know why his room looked so bizarrely clean. After a while of searching, I managed to fish out blue jeans, a dark gray shirt, and a white hooded sweater. I never notice what Blake wears to school, but I hope this is his usual attire. I still could not get used to the fact that whenever I looked in a mirror, Blake would be staring right back at me. Except that I'm still trapped in there.

As I walked down the creaky stairs, I noticed a dusty family picture on top of a small coffee table. For some reason, the man's face was blurred out. Was that intentional? Blake and his mom were smiling. Oh, how could I have forgotten? Blake's dad left a long time ago for reasons unknown and never came back. So that's why she said something about rent being hard to pay nowadays.

His house was not as rich looking as mine. It was more simple and had a 'home sweet home' sense to it. In the kitchen, a lone box of cereal sat. Guess I'm having cereal today.

That's a first.

I poured myself some Cheerios in a bowl I found. Now, where's the milk... Precariously, I opened the refrigerator door. A whole variety of food items like my fridge back 'home' were missing. All I could see was half empty 1% white milk, bacon, some vegetables, and lots microwave food. No wonder Blake always buys his lunch in the cafeteria. The cereal tasted edible and that is good enough I suppose. Normally, I'd have the full breakfast of French toast, scrambled eggs, ham, and pulp free orange juice with added calcium.

With Blake's backpack latched on my back, I started to walk to school. Unlike me, Blake didn't live that far from school. It literally would take 5 to 8 minutes to walk from school to his house, depends if you walked fast or not. Maybe I can adapt to this life. For some odd reason, I didn't mind that I was stuck inside Blake's body at the moment. Simplicity is bliss.

My life is always so busy with my parents and my brother and their jobs. Ryan, my brother doesn't live with us anymore since he graduated three years ago. We're four years apart. As a little kid, I looked up at him like an idol or role model. I wanted to be as talented as Ryan. Our personalities are really different though. Ryan is serious 24/7, genius, and likes reading. No, let me correct that, he loves reading. I'm more of the playful/sarcastic type who happens to be smarter than average, enjoys reading fiction novels and comics. Ah, I also can play some sports. Ryan acts more like my dad. I'm the opposite since my personality is similar to mom's. He wouldn't admit this, but Ryan is a huge mommy's boy. My mom would always tease how he'd cry for his mom in kindergarten the whole time there. On the other hand, I would enjoy school and loathe my home life.

My thoughts came screeching to a stop when I stood in front of the main school doors. I inhaled deeply. You can do this! Just remember to act stupid with grammar, clueless, and idiotically determined all the time like Blake. Oh, yeah, I should not smirk all the time like usual. Blake smiles/grins a lot so I'll have to keep that in mind. I feel like I'm forgetting something important... A light bulb flickered on as I remembered one crucial fact. Everyone knows Blake for his humor and kindness! Something I am not exactly good at showing.

I can be funny, not as funny as the red head. I am kind, but don't help out complete strangers like him. With a pained expression, I pushed the doors open.

Please, karma, if you decide to screw up my life, do it when I'm in my own body.


I might make these short stories written above into an actual story if someone wants it to be. xD I wouldn't mind really. This story in particular was actually written a looong time back. Maybe a year ago? I just edited it to my own liking. I think I wrote this up when I was bored during some event last year...

If interested, check out my fanfiction!

http : // www . fanfiction . net / ianimedarkangel

"I consider myself a crayon, I might not be your favourite color, but, one day you will need me to complete the picture."

Keep on loving anime,


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