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Dunno what to do here, seriously.

wasting time? no, no... imposibro, I have so many things to do actually. hyakhyakhyak

unleash my imagination? hyakhyakhyak ups, wrong website! hyakhyakhyak

writing diary? no, I already did that in my LJ...

then... why the hell I make this acc in the first place? ...well, only god really know. hyakhyakhyak

basic introduction, here we go...

name? ah it's a secret. but you can ask me if we get along well. hyakhyakhyak for now just call me Kiva.'s my real name though. hyakhyakhyak

age? oh, it's just a number baby. don't bother yourself to ask. ...but, if you're insist (I bet none of you, hyakhyakhyak), I guess I'll tell you... I'm turning 19 this year.

gender? male.

orientation? saganisme. saga is my bf name. ...oh, yeah, it's conclude that I'm gay. hyakhyakhyak you're against it? feel free to leave my acc. hyakhyakhyak

fudanshi? positive.

seme? uh... it's flexible but most of the time, yeah... I'm seme... hyakhyakhyak

occupation? hm.. being a good husband... hyakhyakhyak just kidding... hyakhyakhyak

what else?

Just ask me if you want to know anything about me. (no one will ask you, kiva... seriously. hyakhyakhyak)

why kiva0514?

well, Kiva is my real name. ...Not 'real' real actually. but... uh... how to put it in the word? ...oh well, I'm suck at describing something. but Kiva is my real name.

0514... it's a code name. code of pairing.

if yaoi is your favorite then you must be understand. hyakhyakhyak

do you wondering what kind of pairing 0514 is? well, it's me and my uke... so, self pairing! hyakhyakhyak

But belle, je ne comprand pas, francais

So you have to speak to me,

some other way

- Belle by Jack johnson -

I wanna be an idiot like you reviews
"Menjadi seorang jenius dengan tingkat intelejensi di atas rata-rata mungkin di satu sisi memang membanggakan. Tapi bagi Saga, tingginya tingkat intelejensi yang dimilikinya itu justru menggiringnya menuju masalah-masalah bodoh yang sekarang membuatnya frustasi tinggi." Pair: 0514! WARNING: BL! Don't like don't read! You've been warned!
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