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Hello everyone,

I'm Help, yes people do call me that, no I don't why.

My updates won't always be fast, but I will try to keep them as regular as possible, given that I have enough free time and brainwaves to keep me going. I also do use the reviews I receive, so don't hesitate to leave me one. :) So, at your leisure, read and review.

I know updates have been few and far between but I have a couple other stories in the back of my head that I am going to try and get out to you guys soon but of course Uni is getting in the way once the holidays come around they will get out to you guys.

Have a nice day!

If anyone is interested in reading FanFiction here's the link to the page:


So I have a couple of new stories that will be coming up.

There will be:

Change (God Knows how many chapters), Maya was peaceful, she dealt with art and kept to herself. That was until a werecoyote decided to go and upturn her peace with the local werewolf pack. Now having to work with the local Alpha, her peace had been ruined but perhaps new peace lies with the wolves...

Shift: (Again don't know how long), Ella didn't mean to get caught on campus, but she had and know she was a werewolf. Follow Ella in her new life as a werewolf where being a werewolf is a lot harder than it seems especially with an Alpha that you have to live with. (Warning: Femslash)

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A Hundred Whispers Make a Howl by CirclePanic reviews
A coming of age tale about Nikole Caverns, a young woman ailed with lycanthropy. Accompanying her is Shay Kerrigan, an enigmatic pure blooded werewolf who opens the door to a whole new way of life. But with joy comes sorrow, and with love, hatred follows. Change is brewing within the city of New York, and tensions run high as a body count of murdered victims keeps rising. F/F
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The Wolf and the Coyote reviews
Maya is a normal person... Sort of she's a were-Coyote who has been taught to avoid wolves her entire life. Now working in a pack controlled state she has to help the Alpha. But what happens when it's her own kind causing the problems and why is she falling for the Alpha so hard. Lesbian/Femslash.
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