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Hello and thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

I enjoy stories with a great plot, great first chapters (to hook me in), and characters that I actually like.

I like stories and shows that include the elements is some way shape or form. It doesn't have to necessarily be just Fire, Water, Earth, and Air but other elements and sub-elements as well such as Ice, Metal, Lightning and more.

Currently a 10th grade high school student. Also taking college classes.

Have any questions comments or concerns PM me.

Please take the time to review my works. It would be greatly appreciated!

Gender: Male

Age: 15

UPCOMING WORKS (Updated 9/19/12) in no particular order


The world is under attack by a foreign alien species with weapons and technology that make that of modern humans look nothing more than toy trucks. The only force available to defeat these invaders is non-other than those who we shun and think of them as less in our society: those with Disabilities. Kenta and Yuri have been best friends since elementary school, however, Yuri was a paraplegic and needed a wheel chair to go from place to place. Then, with an encounter with the aliens, Yuri activates a power she calls "ABILITY" and with it a neon-blue plant looking thing sprouted from her lower spine and light blue mechanical legs appeared before her enabling her to walk and kick the hell out of the attacker. Yuri tells Kenta that there are more of her and if they are to win this war they must team up with them. The government however finds the "(DIS)Abled" to be a threat.

2. Keychain

-One regular boring day three friends Chris, Becky and John were on their way home from school. It was then that a black figure appeared before them. Soon after, the figure turned into a shadowy portal in which the three were sucked into. When they awoke thousands of others were with them in a gigantic palace where a man shrouded in black with regal clothing was sitting in his throne awaiting for everyone to awake. Once everyone awoke the Gamemaster, as he introduced himself, explained that everyone there was to participate in a death-match. 2,000 people were brought to this game and the only way to be able to kill others is with the finding of a keychain sealed with a spirit that used to live in the world the players are currently in. It is said that the winner will become the new god but legend says the final victor gets killed by him anyways. The only way to defeat the Gamemaster is with the 12 "destined;" spirits whose wielder gets granted the power over an element and a sword. Chris is one of them, he must kill, steal or join with the other 11 and any others who stand in his way.

3. Luna Sabre

Hell and its demons, the "Kifa," are running a muck on the planet Earth ravaging cities and towns. Humans have tried their best to ward off the creatures going as far as taming them and training them to kill their own. However, the Kifa still cause the death of many, but one day a divine comet called "Diana's comet" flew across the Earth and on this day a few of the Earth's populous was blessed with the power of "Sabre" which were humans with the souls and spirits of Gods, Goddesses and other divine beings that granted them the power necessary to defeat these creatures. The trio of Elena, Frank, and Kaitlyn were luckily blessed with this power and have traveled across the world to help those in need. However, their goals change when they learn that a human is the cause for the mass population of Kifa's on Earth. Elena and her friends go in search of this person to bring a stop to the chaos. Now on this journey, Elena learns new things about herself, meets other fellow Sabre wielders, and falls in love with one of them. The end brings a shocking realization to the whole cast.

4. Invisible Protectors

Takeru was your average high-school student, no fantastic grades, was not in any sports teams, and absolutely no love life. However this all changed when he met a new student called Lino who suddenly took an interest in him. One day on a walk to a local restauraunt the pair spot odd and demoic looking creature stomping and crushing cars along street and leaving a person unconcious. However, no one else seemed to realize what it was that was causing the mess except for Takeru and Lino. Then, when Takeru turned to look at Lino he was shocked to see a pair of pistols materialize on her hands. She soon began to fight the creature shooting at him dead on but it did not seem to faze him. Lino told Takeru to activiate his "invisible magic" but Takeru did not know what to do. Suddenly, almost insticntively, he thought of a sword and it soon appeared in his hands. He defeated the creature with one swipe of the sword and saved the people from further harm but when he turned to look at them they all gave the pair weird stares. In their eyes the pair was play fighting. What is this strange magic and what is going on? Why can't others see what Takeru and Lino are seeing? Who exactly is Lino?

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2000 Players and only one can emerge victorious. The Gamemaker (God) had put these innocent persons into a game forcing them to kill one another with the power of spirits that are imprisoned in Keychains. Each keychain grants its user different powers and abilities ergo they are categorized into different classes. Follow Chris and his friends who try to win the game. (DESTINED)
Fiction: Action - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,660 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 9/26/2012