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Serious Pages

Serious- Yo. Serious here. Me and my friend Pages here started this fictionpress for fun. (and boredom... :P) And yes, we are two separate peoples. Who are we? Tough for you. I'm not telling... MWAHAHAHA I'M SO EVIL...

Pages: Hey! Greetings to the people of Fictionpress! And yeah, as Serious pointed out, we're two separate entities. Serious and Pages. (But to be honest, Serious is anything but serious :D) Some of the stories we'll do will be by both of us and others we'll do individually.

Serious- Right you are. Umm, we'll keep updating stories/chapters.

Pages: Oh, by the way, we are both interested in fantasy and just fiction in general! Hope you enjoy!


This is the part of the profile where I keep my stuff... SO YESH

No story stats due to lack of stories...haha

A bit about me: On the Avatar-picture-thingy I'm the blonde one... Yes the dumb blonde I always get teased.

Pages here! I'll be underlined so you can tell the difference between us. I'm the black-haired girl in the avatar. HEHEHE. By the way, I'm also "Twas Warith" just so no one gets confused. Feel free to check that profile out too! And send me PM's! I love meeting new people! I won't bite... maybe.

Finally. Posted. A story. Yes! :D It was really rushed so hopefully no flamers *crosses fingers* Haha, at least you read my story is all I can say!

Anyways, welcome to Serious Pages!

Signing off,


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