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Okay, I never really write here, but I figure if you actually like me as an author, you'll read this, I know I do this sometimes. Anyway, let's say I'm not going to put any copy and paste things on here right off the bat, okay? So if you're looking for colorfully filled with pasted stuff, this is not the place. Alright, let's get started.

My name is AJ Price. I've been writing since I was nine, however this account wasn't made when I was nine. I wanted to write because when I read I feel like I'm actually in the place I'm reading about and I want to try and make people get that glorious feeling as well. I think this also helps me with how I spell things and my vocabulary, however I still make stupid spelling mistakes, (all fixed on my MapleWood Story now LIES!) and I can't say that's going to stop for a while.

I have pets and best friends, one who has an account here after I bugged her for a really long time to share her stories with the world, her name is Proud To Be Canadian. I like to think I'm the reason everyone started reading on this site and Fanfiction, but I'm not. Either way, I know I'm the reason she bothered to post anything here because I bug her endlessly about it.

I write fantasy and supernatural, sci-fi, as long as it's not real, I'll write it.

Here's the 411 on the background of my characters:

Jayden Jackson: His name is from two places: A: My nephew who's name is Jayden, and B: I was reading Percy Jackson, so a nephew and a son of Poseidon made my relatively main character. I know, I'm weird. Jayden's personality came from all my fears of being different and insecurity, so all my insecurities are somewhat in Jayden. So I have so many, they made a person! Other than certain traits, like stubbornness and hating liars, I am nothing like Jayden.

Jesse Warren: Jesse is almost exactly like me. He's clumsy, geeky, doesn't always get what's going on, and accidentally makes people mad. Just like me. His name came from a different character who ironically, is the exact opposite of the Jesse in MapleWood. The other Jesse was a tough, don't mess with me sort of guy who hated idiots, yet this Jesse is a comic reading, no filter says what he wants, sort of an idiot, or slow person, clumsy and light, unlike the graceful and dark Jesse Warren who first received that name.

Carmen Wilder: She has all my hostile issues and she acts the way my mind does, but doesn't say. She's everything I am in my mind, but could never be out loud. She's impatient, sarcastic, sort of scary, violent, and very, VERY easy to tick off. She's sort of has anger management issues, which I am not ashamed to say that I think I do too. Another thing she has is she sort of has problems being empathetic with others. But she's really emotional inside, not really showing it.

Chase Adams: One of my favorite characters, Chase is the wise guy. He's smart, lazy, sarcastic, and doesn't know when someone says to stop to stop. He's the one with the most brains, and he's also an inventor. (Everything he makes, I wish I could) He's the one who's bullied and cheeky, and just plain pessimistic. Like me.

So if you don't like me now because of all I've just told you, sorry. But hey, I am what I am.

-AJ Price

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