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Hola! Bonjour! こんにちは! Ciao! Buenos Dias! Shalom! HELLO!

That was hello in about all the languages I know... Oh, wait, here's a few more...

Aloha! Γεια σας! Përshëndetje! Kaixo! હેલો! Hallo!

And why I took enough time to do that... I'll never be sure.

Anyway, I'm random. There, I said it. So now you know. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I have a profile on Same username, check me out. I also have a DeviantART account, under GingerWriter, so go view that too... BECAUSE I SAID SO MY MINIONS! GO! GO! HEED ME!


1. My real name is something not to be divulged to the public... however, you can call me Becca, Curly, the MCG, PLaC (like plaque), Squeaky B, Brie, Bridge, Midgit, or anything else you can think of.

2. I live in a very secret place high in the Hills of Black called... THE FORTRESS OF CRAZY AND JELL-O! I have about a billion raccoon minions in tutus and a penguin named Leo. They all have attitudes and will come and eat your faces if you don't do as I say. RISE MY MINIONS! RISE!

3. I am random. Enough said.

4. I like a number of different foods and tend to talk about eating them... such as I LIKE PIE! PIE IS TASTY! That sort of thing.

5. I am a fangirl, but as that is not allowed here, I shan't talk about it. However, I love the Percy Jackson series, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. They are my faves and awesome, so don't blame me if I start ranting... BUT I'LL KEEP THAT AT A MINIMUM!

6. I'm Irish and a ginger. But I won't eat your souls. Promise.

7. I have weird family members and friends. I tell stories about them and other things... yups.

8. I write. A lot.

9. I read. A lot.

10. I act. A lot.

11. I draw. A lot.

12. I love music. I play numerous instruments, favorite being the piano. A lot.

13. I basically do a lot of stuff. A lot.

14. I am in high school and over 13 years old. Won't tell you exactly how old, but I've already got credits.

15. I HAVE A VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY! I was supposed to be born on Percy Jackson's birthday, but instead I was born on Harry Potter's. But I don't really have one birthday. I'm not really sure when I was born, so I use the two days, July 31st and August 1st correspondingly. Neat, huh?

Anyway, this is the end of my profile... so far. I might put some quotes or something in here later, but this is it for now! Please exit to the bottom and please stop by my stories section. The gift shop is open until 6. And for a limited time only, if you review, you will get virtual invisible prizes of your choices! I respond to all signed reviews!

So, until next time...



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