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September 9, 2012

Heyy there(:

So, you probably don't really care... But here's a little about me(:

I've never written a story before, so Taking Risks is my first one. Ever. My best friend tells me all the time that I'd be a great writer, so I'm trying it out. I guess we'll see, won't we?

I love Photography and drawing. My dream camera is a Nikon D800 (it's $3,000 haha) And I want to be a radiologist when I'm older.

I live in the U.S, and that is all I'll say for now. Until I feel like I won't get tracked down by some creeper (haha) I won't be giving out any more of a clue towards my whereabouts or my Twitter/e-mail/Facebook. Deal with it. (No, I don't live in Cali like Nick and Lex, but I freaking wish!)

Before I ever got a FictionPress account on here, I read through what must have been 70 stories, and the ones listed as my favorites are the best of the best. My favorites of my favorites. They're incredible. So if you're going to waste your time reading material that isn't mine, I would read those!(: Especially the Champagne Gang.

Anyways. Remember that writing is not a contest. I write for fun, not for reviews. But I like knowing what you think, anyway(:


September 10, 2012 and more was added December 5, 2012

More about me(:

Book Series: Vampire Academy, Bloodlines, Harry Potter, Lunar Chronicles (or what there is of it), Divergent series

I don't have a favorite book at the moment, but I'll let you know if that changes.

Favorite FP Story: The Champagne Gang. I'm in love with Zach Gellar. I would marry that boy. Oh man.

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice or some shiz idk

I refuse to watch the Titanic. We all know how it ends. And so I refuse.

TV Show: VAMPIRE DIARIES. Team Damon. Obviouslyy.

Celebrity Crushes: Liam Payne (from 1D), Ian Somerhalder (from TVD)

Drink: MILK, orrr Rootbeer, Country Time Strawberry Lemonade, annndd Pina Colada Sobe(:

Food: Spaghetti, or anything Italian or mexican. I love Olive Garden and Cafe Rio.

Dessert: Brownies, fudge, vanilla ice cream

Dream Car: Convertible Volkswagen Beetle. Any color, and I like both the 2012 model and the older ones.

Dream Vacations: Paris. Bora Bora. Mexico. Venice. Rome. New York. Fiji. OR THE HARRY POTTER WIZARDING WORLD IN FLORIDA. that would be amaaazing!


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