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Hey everyone im Raya if your wondering if thats my real name (Ecspecially the stalkers :) no offense to them lol jk i will have you know that thats not my real name..

So now that that is takin care of lets get to the fun stuff :)

Well im a girl in highschool with my own secrets and prefersenses(yeah im a mystery:)) here are some pointless things that im pretty sure no one will read so uhh here you go

1. Im shy but not shy enough to get pushed around

2. I love to read its my passion

3. I like being diffrent :)

4. I LOVE FOOD but i never seem to get fat

5. I want to be an archeaologist or a crime scene investigator(i really dont know how i got theese ides picked)

6. I LOVE spending time in the libary

7. I like to laugh and talk to my freinds(so if you feel like pm me go ahead i will most likely be here :) )

So yeah thats all u need to know on that subject and my favorite colors are black and red

I dont have any type of favorite music because i listen to everything

But this is the one thing i hate most:

Judgement-so if this aplies to you and making judements on someone else stuff then you really need to knock it off because some people work hard on there stuff and they dont need your bullshit lines to get them down

I really hate alot more stuff but this fits the script

So yeah you know a lil smetin about me so every one i hope you have a nicce day :)


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