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Name: Sierra


Hair and eyes: Dark brown and chocolate

Race: American, Southern, Native American, Irish, Dutch, German I think, there's Asian in there somewhere too... So I'm multi-racial

Birthday: October 10th

Preferred hangouts: Away from people..

Pets: My baby, Angel, she's a Jack Russell mix, Hope, Kota, our new dog Zak, my bro has who knows what in his room..

Favorite Stuff: The colors blue, black, silver, green, red, Horses, Canines, Felines, animals in general, books, cartoons, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Action and Adventure, jeans and t-shirts, hoodies and leather jackets, boots, pencils and paper, computers, my phone..

Fav TV shows: Bones, NCIS, Ghost Adventures, Supernatural, Star Trek TOS

Fav Cartoons: Transformers Animated/Prime/Rescue Bots/G1, Danny Phantom, Generator Rex, Ben 10 (original, alien force, and some of ultimate alien), Superman, Batman, Young Justice, Justice League, Avengers, Iron Man

Fav Movies: Transformers 1 & 2, Star Trek Wrath of Khan/2009/Into Darkness, Iron Man 1, Avengers, How To Train Your Dragon, Rise of the Guardians

Fav Games: Sonic, Fusion Fall

Fav Music: Country and Rock

Fav Singers/Bands: Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Skillet, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Seether, Three Days Grace, Nickelback, The Band Perry

A lot of other things I can't remember...

Things I dislike: Twilight, Justin Beiber, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, pop/hip-hop/rap and boy bands, idiots I'm not required to deal with because they're family, my freakishly unbelievable paranoia and over active mind, being bored, repetitiveness, some cliches, pink, freakishly small cars

Favorite characters: Spock, Sonic, Mephiles, Shadow, Silver, Scourge, Metal Sonic, Knuckles, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Blitzwing (Random), Blades, Sideswipe, Skids, Bones (T. Brennan), Batman, Superman, Robin (Dick Grayson), Beastboy, Nightcrawler, Jack Frost, Iron man, Hulk, Danny Phantom, Rex Salazar, Ben Tennyson, Sam Winchester, Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Things I will do with my stories: Alternate Universes, Genderbending, Pairing males together, Mpreg. You've been warned.

So maybe I'm a little crazy, all that means is my life is much more exciting than yours :)

You want world peace? Get me enough duck tape for 7 billion mouths.

Duct tape, check, Rope, check, Gasoline, check... oh wait wrong list..

I'm a Female. Fe on the periodic table stands for Iron. Male stands for man. Therefore, I am Iron Man.

People always say I'm crazy, insane or weird but really they are just jealous because I'm more fun than they are! :D

I wonder why every one leaves a room when I have a sharp object in my hand?

Warning: Long pauses may include devious plans :D

One day I tried to be normal...Weirdest 5 minutes of my life!! You normal people are weird I tell you! WEIRD!!!

Nope, sorry I can't go to hell, I think Satan still has that restraining order against me.

All you have to know about men and women: Women are crazy, Men are stupid, and the main reason women are crazy is because men are stupid

WOMAN was made from the RIB of a man, Not from his head to top him, Not from his foot to be stepped on by him, But from his side to be EQUAL to him, Under his arm to be PROTECTED by him, And near his heart to be LOVED by him

Men shouldn't say a woman's place is in the kitchen... that's where the knives are! >;-D

If you could read my thoughts, you would back away slowly with no sudden movements

I don't respond to pisses me off when people think they can tell me what to do! You don't have that kinda power in my life!

Screw Prince Charming- I can rescue myself

Boys, don't ever mistake me for weak because I am a woman. I have bigger balls than you will ever have. I just carry them on my chest! ; O

Periods- Because nature decided that giving birth wasn't punishment enough.

That awkward moment, when you realize that every house has a particular smell but you can't smell the one at your house

Halloween, that time of year when you can just leave the bodies on the lawn and the neighborhood thinks they're decorations

When you walk into a spiderweb, it's funny how you instantly know Kung-Fu

People need to remember behind every little sister there is a big sister holding duct tape asking who she's after this time

I need a refund on my brother: I can't find the off switch, the mute button is broke, I don't know where I left the receipt, and the laughing switch is stuck!

"Help! Someone give me a hand, or a foot, or even a pelvis!" Blitzwing-Random

"Curious, my electrical systems have gone offline. Which means...I'M FALLING! WAHAHAHAHAHA!" Blitzwing-Icy & Random

"I will pound you into sheet metal!Oh wait, we've already got some!" Blitzwing-Hothead & Random

"Ooooh, I wanna see him turn into a fire truck! Can I? Can I, huh, can I? Ahahahahahahahaha!" Blitzwing-Random

"Drown in darkness!" Mephiles the Dark

"SILENCE! I KILL YOU!" Achmed the Dead Terrorist-Jeff Dunham

"Are you kidding me? I'd kill you for a Klondike Bar." Achmed the Dead Terrorist-Jeff Dunham

"Sentinel is a glitch-head. With all due respect..." Bumblebee