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Hello, people, of Fictionpress! I am IXResoleon and I am a member of the collaboration account: HatsuneLilyXXVIII.

I am in collaboration and proud partnership with my BFF: AceThompson17

What can I say about myself...? Uh...I am a writer...obviously and...I live a pretty moderately busy life but...I can't think of much but yeah...

Well after like forever, I've finally got my profile going! So let's get cracking!

I am very close with AceThompson17. I like writing with Ace and I also love to make stories with Ace.

Writer Information:

Age: Old enough to live

Gender: :P

Writer Status: Sporadic Posting

Original Character Cast

Name: Miki Tsukuyomi

Hair Color: Honey
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Cup Size: B
Waist: 26
Height: 5’2
Weight: 109 lbs

Background Information

Miki Tsukuyomi lived with her parents and younger sister Mika. Miki was five when Mika was born. Miki’s family had been relatively harmonious and she had been happy. Miki got along with her younger sister Mika relatively well, although when it comes to certain things, they disagreed. Mika is more girly than Miki but Miki is more tomboyish than Mika. Before Miki graduated middle school, there was an incident that caused her family to split. Miki and Mika were alone in their home while their parents were out on an errand. Mika nagged Miki to supervise Mika in their family pool but Miki reminded Mika that their parents told them not to go outside while they were out. Eventually, Mika was able to make Miki give in by incessant begging. While Mika was in the pool, Miki went inside to answer the phone. After she was done answering the phone, she found out that Mika drowned in the pool after her foot got stuck in loose ropes that tangled on her left foot, keeping her underwater. When Miki’s parents returned home, they were enraged at the irresponsibility of Miki and deeply saddened over the loss of one of their daughters. Miki was then, shipped off to live with her uncle. At her uncle’s place, is where she attended high school. Three months into her freshmen year, Miki’s parents divorced. Miki was an average student in high school but always kept to herself, not interested in dating boys or making friends. In the middle of her high school days, she developed a hobby of writing, which she enjoys relatively. Miki’s stories in a writing website grew moderately popular. Miki’s stories ranged very widely through genres. It even included homosexuality. During the summer of the year she graduated, she became close friends with a fellow writer named N.athena.p who according to her is also a girl. They shared many likes and dislikes and they became fast friends because they could talk well through each other. Soon, they became closer and started dedicating time to one another. Miki hoped that one day she could see her close friend’s face. When she attended college, she was forced to rent a home who she later finds out she's going to share with other people.


Before the incident, Miki was an outspoken, somewhat arrogant, and tomboy girl. However, since the incident, her personality went through a drastic change. She keeps to herself, only talks when necessary, and constantly blames herself for her family’s breakdown.

Inside, Miki is in constant turmoil and feels responsible for her family’s split and her sister’s death. Because of this, she greatly envies pairs of sisters and it greatly irritates her when two sisters argue to the point that it’s a pet peeve.

She is uncertain about what she wants to be in her adult life. She is not interested in dating men at her current age but plans to marry to help her forget about her family’s split and the memory of her sister, originally.

The only time she seems to show a reminiscent of her pre-incident personality is when she chats with her online friend. Her online friend is the only one who she ever genuinely considered her friend. But other than that, she just keeps to herself and does not talk unless necessary.

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