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Poll: For those of you who have read beyond chapter 14: I am wondering if the section in the caverns where Amber meets Sali is a bit pointless (chapters 9-14). I am considering removing it and replacing it with a much shorter interlude. What do you think? Vote Now!
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My name is Loraine and I've been writing in my spare time for a long while now. I'm a 24 year old librarian and I like fantasy and sci fi and some anime too. Please read and review my stories :)

Review policy: If you review my story Sword and Sorceress, I will be happy to write you a review in return. I'm always glad to hear thoughts on my story and receive constructive criticism, too.

In terms of forums, I find For the Love of English is a very useful place to get detailed advice on technical aspects of writing.

The cover of Sword and Sorceress is by Cianneee.

September 2013 Pretty busy at the moment with work, but one contract ends soon so I'll have a lot more time for reviewing, writing and editing soon :)

You can find me on twitter: @Loraine_W_88

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