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Lists are alphabetised. In the recommended stories section, it is first by category (Naruto, Harry Potter, etc.) then the name of the story.

Also, links [my (x)'s] do not work on this site's mobile version.

On another note, I suggest minimising my profile if it takes too long to scroll through.

Hey there! I go by Ciel most of the time, but calling me Mon Esprit Libre's cool too. I'm a girl and my hobbies are watching anime, playing video games, reading fantasy books, writing, and learning Japanese. どうぞよろしく ! (•v•)/

Anime/manga: (Finished/Up-to-Date With) Aho Girl, Angel Beats!, Ano Hana, Another, Ao no Exorcist (anime only), Death Note, Durarara!!, Free!, Hetalia, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Hirunaka no Ryūsei, Hollow Fields, Hyōka, Kimi ni Todoke, Kuroshitsuji (anime only), Kyōkai no Kanata, Meganebu!, Nagareboshi Lens, Naruto/Naruto Shippūden, Nichijou, No. 6, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, School Ghost Stories, Shingeki no Kyojin, Sonic X, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Sword Art Online, Tegami Bachi, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, Toradora!, Uta-Kata, WataMote/TomoMote, Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda, Wolf's Rain, Yu-Gi-Oh! (Season 0) (Unfinished) Ao no Exorcist (manga), Arisa, Bleach, Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai!, Code Geass, Deadman Wonderland, Dennou Coil, Fairy Tail, Fujoshi Rumi, Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Fushigi Yūgi, Gintama, Hana-Kimi, Hanamaru Kindergarten, K-On!, K Project, Kokoro Connect, Kuroshitsuji (manga), Lucky Star, Pandora Hearts, Shaman King, Shugo Chara!, Soul Eater, Spice and Wolf, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Dropped) High School of the Dead, Pokémon (Planned) Berserk, Clannad, Darker than Black, Deltora Quest, Digimon, Disgaea, Full Metal Panic!, Gatchaman Crowds, Hataraku Maou-sama, Hellsing, Love Lab, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Mirai Nikki, Nana, Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Pupa, Sakurasō no Pet na Kanojo, Sukkitte Ii na yo, Tamako Market, Toaru Majutsu no Index, Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

I also have an anime list at myanimelist(.)net, though the paragraph above is more simplified, if a bit harder to read. I also have a manga list there. (Anime list: x) (Manga list: x)


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DeviantART - CielAzure. Currently inactive. (x)

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YouTube - RoseOfTheDawn. If you want to add me, let me know. Also, if you want to talk, please use FFnet's PM system or Skype. (x)

Currently NOT accepting beta requests, but you can find my profile here anyway: (x)

List of stories I've written/am writing:

Please note that my stories use as little foreign language as possible, only using it for terms that don't translate well (or sound funny in English), such as "Genin" from Naruto. This list is also in order of when they were originally written, so quality may improve the farther down the list you go. Or it may not.

A Way to Win - Complete (x)

Molten - WIP (x)

The Everlasting Sins - WIP, collaborated on with The Sin of Justice (x)

A Toast to Life - Complete, dedicated to Cana-Puff (x)

Circumstantial Beliefs - Complete, co-written with Cana-Puff (x)

Crayola - Complete, dedicated to Cana-Puff (x)

The Importance of Grammar - Complete, dedicated to Cana-Puff (x)

Opacity - Complete (x)

Morning Drizzle - WIP, series of drabbles (x)

Starlight - Complete (x)

Recommended authors/people:

angelrider13 - Possibly the most emotionally-distressing author I have seen. (x)

Anjelle - Terrific One Piece author. (x)

Cana-Puff - Spectacular beta-reader, author, and person. Nicknamed Creampuff-chan. (x)

Cloud Piece - She...y'know what, you can figure it out for yourself. (x)

Laora - Very good Fullmetal Alchemist author. (x)

LinzRW - Amazing OC author. (x)

SaturnXK - A phenomenal (evil) person who I met near the beginning of my FFnet journey. (x)

The Sin of Justice - An awesome guy who I'm writing a story with. (x)

The Wandering Fool - Another wonderful friend of mine. (x)

Recommended stories:


The Boys Who Lived - Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist - When Harry gets lost in the maze of hallways at Hogwarts, who does he happen to meet? A ghost named Edward Elric. What was so important that the teen became a ghost for? Twoshot. - by BlackPaperMoon82462 (x)

Icarus Walks - Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist - HP/FMA - Despite warnings, Icarus flew too close to the sun, melting his wax wings and plummeting him into the sea where no one noticed. However, unlike Icarus, Ed would not give up; if he could not fly, then half-drowned, he would walk. - by razra (x)

Penance - Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist - The Gate was opening; the black arms stretched toward him and Pride. Ed knew he had no say in the matter. He would be pulled to this parallel dimension, alternate universe—whatever it was—and Amestris would be left to die. Truth merely grinned. - by Laora (x)

Harry Potter and the Wrath of Jashin - Harry Potter and Naruto - After his defeat, Hidan is confident Jashin will come rescue him and make the world a better place. Too bad no one would have believed him if he were to tell. More importantly...too bad he's right. Not!Romance!Centered Super!Godlike!Harry!is!Jashin - by MegaKiraraLover (x)


Midnight's Hymn - Axis Powers Hetalia - Lovino knew he was neither perfect nor loved. Feliciano had that role. Lovino didn't care. All he did was get beaten by his father every day. Yeah. He didn't care. But when a happy-go-lucky Spaniard moves in next door, will Lovino finally change his outlook on life? Prequel to MD. - by CrimsonRegret478 (x)

Men and Angels - Fullmetal Alchemist - Trisha can't understand; she's terrified, but she has to stay calm. Her boys are gone, replaced by her sons from the future...and something, she knows, is terribly wrong. - by Laora (x)

Criminally Insane trilogy - Naruto - [Survival Guide to the Criminally Insane Akatsuki] A peaceful morning at the Akatsuki hideout - until three girls appear out of nowhere. Kate in Kisame's bed. Deidara trips over Hannah. And Dessie finds herself in a bathtub about to be sacrificed to Jashin-sama. What the hell? not mary-sue [Criminally Insane Just Got More Legal] SEQUEL TO 'SURVIVAL GUIDE TO THE CRIMINALLY INSANE AKATSUKI' Yeah... You all know the drill - Dessie, Hannah, and Kate are back with more randomness, violence, and crazy stuff that no one, not even the author, understands. [When Gods Go Criminally Insane] Sequel to 'Survival Guide to the Criminally Insane Akatsuki' and 'Criminally Insane Just Got More Legal' - Kate, Hannah, Dessie, and the Akatsuki back for more madness and murder and mayhem and massacres. - by LinzRW (1: x) (2: x) (3: x)

Guardian Angel - Naruto - What if Naruto hadn't really been alone? With the spirit of his father and the Kyuubi by his side, things will turn out differently for Naruto as he goes on the path to becoming the Hokage and reclaiming his rightful name... MinafemKyuu;KakaIru;ShikaNaru - by Night Shade 4217 (x)

Prisoner - Naruto - When you kill a member of the Akatsuki, there's no doubt that they will get their revenge. Unfortunately for Hyuuga Hinata, her comrades failed to realize this until it was too late. HinataxDeidara, some KibaxHinata. Set right after the Kazekage Rescue Arc. Rated T. - by The Wandering Fool (x)

The Divide - One Piece - Luffy was rescued by a young boy when he was young. Now, twelve years later, he wants to find that boy and thank him properly for all he's done. But Whitebeard, the man with the most power in the country, is on the move. What's going on? Why is he looking for Luffy and Sabo? And will Luffy be able to find the boy from twelve years ago without knowing his name? AU. AceLu romance. - by Anjelle (x)

Learning Freedom - One Piece - They were slaves. One who had known freedom and lost it; one who had been born without it. Will a chance meeting give them something to live for? AU. AceLu BROTHERLY. Strong T for now. Warnings inside. - by angelrider13 (x)

Soulmate!verse series - One Piece - [The Pure and the Tainted] There was always one Angel and one Demon. No more, no less. One was pure, the other tainted. They could never co-exist, and yet, they find themselves inevitably drawn together. Slight AU. Soulmate!verse. Light AceLu. [The Deepest of Ties] They are everything. They are friends, brothers, lovers, soulmates. They are exact opposites. They are the same being divided into two. They are love and hate, pure and tainted. They are everything. Soulmate!verse. AceLu. [Wild] They were isolated, silent, deadly. They were Wild. But they weren't always. There was a Before. Before the fire and the death and the loneliness. Back when they could pretend to be human. Can they learn again? Or are they too far gone? AU of Soulmate!verse. First two chapters originally posted in Deepest of Ties. - by angelrider13 (1: x) (2: x) (3: x)

Deg Deg love - Shingeki no Kyojin - A love story between two unlikely people. All dialogue is in degdeg. Dedicated to my dear friend Mon Esprit Libre. Armin/Connie, Levi/Eren. Rated because they do the do. - by Cloud Piece (x) best story ever.

Beta-ed stories:

I did a story previously that the author stopped contacting me about. It can be found here: (x) It's for Hetalia and Harry Potter - A Nation's Sanity, it was called, and it was by TheSapphireRainAlchemist.


Jealous Fox - Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto - This is based off The Infamous Man's challenge on 'What if Naruto was betrayed by Konoha and comes back as a Bleach character' challenge. My idea is: 'What if Naruto was betrayed by Konoha and comes back as one of the homonculi from Fullmetal Alchemist' For this one I chose Envy and it will be an eventual Envy/Hina pairing. - by mellra (x) only chapters three and above have been beta-ed by me.

Uzumaki Hari and the Squib of Hogwarts - Harry Potter and Naruto - Intent is the cornerstone of magic, and all wizards know they should never cast a spell that they can not see the end of. However, a mother sacrificing herself can't always be expected to keep true to their logic, when their child's life is at stake. Uzumaki Hari comes to Hogwarts with a very different childhood. - by Kodra (x) only chapters three and above have been beta-ed by me.

Project NARUTO - Naruto and Toaru Majutsu no Index - The experiment woke up from deep slumber, only to find out that twenty years had passed. The science and magic faction had reached agreement, but not all was well. Naruto knew that much, at least. - by LegendaryMalZ (x)


Blank Canvas - Kuroshitsuji - After coming across an infant in Trancy garden, Hannah is faced with a difficult decision. Does she execute the child before her master, Alois, and his Butler, Claude, get the chance, or spare it's life? Realizing caring for the child herself may be beneficial to her in the end, Hannah keeps it, with the desire of devouring it when it's soul was ready. - by CrimsonKnight123456 (x)

Only Learned the Bad Things - Naruto - All of my blood-tainted life, I never thought innocence was of any value. After eliminating the remaining source of my pain, I realised that there is one more source, one that cannot be beaten so easily. I should have figured it would be you, Sakura. - by LazyKiss (x)

Elles Sont Deux Pomme De Terres - One Piece - Follow Saké and Rum as they go back to their home world, a world known to them as One Piece. Confusing, yes. Bad, no. Co-written with Myki Fri. Zoro x OC, Law x OC. Title has nothing to do with the story. - by aaroniteXkryptonite (x)

Isolation - One Piece - A man cannot call himself a king without his followers. A man cannot call himself free without his friends. Multiple character deaths. - by Cloud Piece (x)

The Legend of Wonderland! - One Piece - The Legend of Wonderland is as so: "Girls who are bored, or feel left out, will be whisked away by a man with mysterious powers. They will be taken to Wonderland, where their melancholics will be sullied forever." With this in mind, what else was supposed to happen when everyone was busy? When Luffy was bored? (Pairing?) - by PikachuGirlXx (x)

Mist of Memories - One Piece - Guilt, regret, if left alone these feelings will consumed even the strongest of souls. That is the reality the Strawhats face as they go into their captain's memories to save their precious crewmate. To free their captain's from his guilt, they must first understand the depths of his pain and lost. - by HeroR (x) only chapters thirty-one and above have been beta-ed by me.

Propinquity - One Piece - Law only had the faintest of ideas whilst Luffy had none at all. However, both ended up getting into the exact same situation. Drabble-esque. LawLu. Gradual romance. - by axormyrhcal13 (x)

Yin and Yang and In-Between - One Piece - And then he said the words I would never forget. "You know, the world pushes us without mercy. Then, when some push back, the world points at them and calls them 'evil.'" Different Devil's Fruits, pairing suggestions being taken. - by PikachuGirlXx (x)


I'm currently collaborating with The Sin of Justice for challenges. We currently have three - Fullmetal Alchemist/Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist/Rosario Vampire, and then Harry Potter/Pokémon. Please feel free to check them out! (x)

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions/comments/ideas/suggestions, feel free to contact me. Same thing for just wanting to talk, 'kay? :)

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